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Boy, Interupted


When I think about the word ‘men’ other words like dirty, irresponsible, and lazy come to mind. I would have never guessed that this species would actually inspire a fashion trend that has been lasting for a few seasons now. And we all now that fall will not be the end to this style. Whenever I think of women dressing in men’s attire I think of Katharine Hepburn or Coco Chanel.


These women have two things in common: an influence on fashion and their love for blazers.

I have found two blazers that I have fallen in love with. The first one being a bit out of my price range. It is Mary-Kate and Ashley’s line Elizabeth and James at Intermix.

The other blazer is from Urban Outfitters and a great alternitive balzer if you aren’t willing to spend that much.

I love the color of this one and I also love the rolled cuffs. Another fashion inspired by the men is the wingtip loafers. I also found two of these: one pair from United Colors of Benetton and one from Forever 21.

United Colors of Benetton Wingtips Forever 21 Wingtips

      United Colors of Benetton                    Forever 21 Wing tips

And of course I can’t not mention the notorious ‘boyfriend sweater.’ My favorite is the one from American Apparel that is unisex.


So, when we all think that men have contributed nothing to this world, just think about your cute new blazer hanging up in your closet!


Pick-a-little, Talk-a-little

Hello everyone! I have missed you all terribly. I must say I really need to start getting into the groove of posting again. Anyways, I wanted to share with you all two wonderful sites that I have found out about through a little picking and a little talking. Firstly, I have not really expressed with you my love for art. On rainy, unhappy days the best remedy is the Met or really any museum for that matter. This brings me to my first website I want to share. 

Mark Schwartz has created a collection of paintings all revolving around one of my favorite subjects: shoes. On his website, he shows his High Heeled Art where they are all available to purchase along with t-shirts. My personal favorite of all of his work is this painting here:

I am just crazy about this next website. Gold Saturn tees look like the belong at Urban Outfitters. They are so adorable and fun! These are my favorites although I must admit it was really hard to pick!

Out of The Frying Pan

So, I have been living in my apartment for exactly two weeks now. I have decided the loans and everything are totally worth it. Plus, I have already gotten enough money to pay off a half of it and I just landed a job that will pay off a lot. Anyway, it is completely worth it.

I have recently figured out the most effective party one can have: a “home welcoming” party – both to celebrate my new house and celebrate my coming back to New York. I have been making microwavable dinners. I didn’t even have flatware! Anyway, I told my best friends to register for things at William Sonoma for me and I got the most amazing things! It might seem a bit odd to register for things when I am not getting married or anything but say I never get married, I would never be able to register for gifts. 

So, I got basically everything from flatware, to pots and pans, to teacups. Now I am going to have a thank you party and use all of the things they bought me! I invited around fifty people. My apartment was tight but it fit everyone nicely. 

Talking about my apartment, I went to Pottery Barn and Urban Outfitters and bought some new furniture to replace some of the old furniture I didn’t like as much. i bought my apartment furnished, which was a good move on my part because then I don’t have to go major shopping – I can just do things bit by bit. I bought lots more pillows and a rocking chair. I also went to my friend’s art gallery and bought some art.

Models and Mortals

Whether you are a model or a mortal, you can look “effortlessly stunning” by just investing in some adorable new trends. One of my favorite trend is the hippie bag. Of course you can get less-expensive versions, like these two from Urban Outfitters:

Another trend that I absolutely adore is the Men’s watch phenomenon. It is practical yet super chic. I love the way the bulky watches with feminine wrists. My personal favorite watch is the Vacheron Constantin Malte Chronograph Watch found at Tourneau.

The less expensive watches are definitely not as good as the expensive ones and I recommend at least go for the $50-$150 range of watches. These next two are from Urban Outfitters again. The first is a women’s watch and the second watch is men’s.

Last but not least, I love the maxi-dress trend. You can belt it or let it hang. Whatever you do it will look very summer-y and very laid-back (It’s funny how usually the “laid-back” outfits are the ones you try the hardest on.) I have a Calypso floor-length multi-colored skirt that if I wear with a belt looks perfect as a maxi-dress, but this is a dress made from Shop bop – the first two from Rachal Pally. Also the third one is from Banana Republic: 

Hope you agree about these looks that are just to die for!