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What Comes Around Goes Around

I am totally into Buddhist ways of life and doctrines like zen and feng shui and karma. Mostly karma though because although I have had my fair share of feng shui panic attacks and have signed up for mediation classes to increase my zen, the idea of karma makes so much sense to me. It’s completely a fair way to look at things. Except for when you give your aunt a Missoni throw pillow and then in return she gives you a ten dollar iTunes giftcard, usually when I do something nice for someone it is returned. 

My friend ‘Miranda'(as most of you know because of an article she wrote on this blog) is a interior designer and sometimes exterior. She needed me to tag along and go to some new antique stores that she had heard about. I really did not want to go because I have barely any money left in my account and I am thinking about cheaking myself in a rehab for a substance abuse problem of mine. That is of clothing. I have bought more than three thousand dollars of clothing in the last three days. Not good. Anyway, I ended up going with her and I ran into another great friend and we ended up having an amazing time and not only that, I found a priceless vintage wedding ring on a necklace for only twenty dollars! It’s gorgeous. Perfectly cut and everything and the band is actually the most beautiful band I have ever seen. So there you go karma lives on daily!

Usually when I do something selfless I end up getting something back wheither that is just having fun or finding a great deal. Next week I am taking in a roommate because my good friend broke up with ehr boyfriend and her place is also his place sine they rent it together. He said he’s keeping it and now she has to find a place. I hate when that happens, it’s like don’t these girls have any say too? Anyway I am so happy to be taking her in but I am also hoping this will increase my karma.


Say goodbye to 2008…

It’s time for us all to say goodbye to 2008 and hello to 2009. I’m excited for what 2009 will bring. With more modeling on its way, a great boyfriend, and a new acting agency to top it all off, I think this year will be a good one. What is everyone’s New Year Resolutions? I have three: to put work as a first priority, get into shape, and remember to spend time with the family. It’s funny because last year my New Year Resolutions were exactly the same except I needed to spend less time with family and more with friends. Enough about me, I wanted to make a post dedicated to the great 2008 (Sorry, I know that was beyond cheesey!)


2008 was a year of surprises. Britney had everyone watching as she plumitted to the bottom but now is making it higher than she ever was. The most amazing special of 2008 I have to say goes to Britney’s documentary For the Record. People.com takes a quote from Britney that amost made me cry when I saw her. I’m so proud of her and I hope she continues her exciting climb to the top into the New Year. I’m excited to be seeing her perform in New York in 2009!


Another surprise that doesn’t have a happy ending is the story of the tragic ending to one of the most talented actors ever (and a total heart throb), Heath Ledger. With a rumored and well-deserved Oscar nomination coming up in the New Year, we all can’t get Heath out of our thoughts. 


2008 was a year of matrimony and these marriages also were full of surprises. Beyoncé, the self-sufficient ‘Single Lady’, finally married Jay-Z after years of dating. On the contrary, Mariah Carey married Nick Canon after two months of dating which was completely a surprise but what’s more of a surprise is that they are going into 2009 without a divorce. Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz also tied the knot in a rock and roll sort of way and the suprising part of this marriage is that this preacher’s daughter devliered her baby in the same year, making this one of the busiest years for Ashlee since she lipsynced her way to the D list. The last surpising marriage of 2008 was Ellen and Porshia’s, which was totally cute but completely surprising given the fact that two women were able to get married in the state of California. They aren’t the only two women in a romance causing a stir in 2008. Lindsay Lohan and her DJ Sam Ronson have also committed to a relationship. 


Hope you liked this recap of 2008 and to finish this post of here are some fashionable celebrities in 2008:

Easy Come, Easy Go

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t written in a while. Life has been so hectic with friends, family, work, and relationships. Firstly, I would like to address a reoccuring trend that keeps on getting bigger and bigger each season. Vintage. Vintage is one of the best trends ever because everyone can afford it. You could get a vintage inspired item at Forever21 or a cheap find at a thift store. Also, you could get a vinytage inspired item at Intermix or find an outrageously expensive piece at a vintage boutique. It ranges from everything to anything. Here are some vintage inspired looks, but rememebr the best stuff is the real stuff so look online for a local thrift store for a cute new look.

Alice and Olivia 1920sBlack Halo (Jackie O.)Forever21 - 1930sMissoni - 1970

With all of these fashions coming and going you may wonder what will stay in style. Just stay true to yourself and establish your own look and buy what you look good in and what you feel good in. Also, remember the fashion recycles itself so bring out that old leather jacket that is collecting dust for its revival!

I wrote in my last blog about “Samantha” and after a long chat with her I am not mad at her. My friends and I included her in our halloween festivities and we all have been cordial, but I feel like there is a point where one still might love your friend but maybe things have changed and then the friends move apart. I know this has happened to me plenty of times, but I know for a fact that I have “Charlotte” to be my friend through and through. As I also explained in my last blog, my group of friends is also getting closer to another fab girl but I have yet to think up a name for her. So as of now, my friends are shifting but only for the good I think.

Another thing that comes and goes is boys. My friend “Charlotte” went through a hard break-up on Halloween and it just reminds me how men are so unreliable. This is as a rule of course because Mr. Right is so right. Although we have some arguments, everything is pretty good. But boys will be boys and that means no matter how comfortable things get you have to be realistic when it comes to relationships. Now, I am the biggest romantic, besides “Charlotte”, there is so when it comes to my relationships, although I am hestiant at first, I begin thinking about weekends up in the Hamptons with the kids. What I am saying is that “trends, [men, and even some friends] may come and go but the true friends stay forever.”

Sarah Jessica Parker

I absolutely love SJP and not only because she stars in my favorite show, Sex and the City. I find her totally relatable and so sweet. In order to spread my admiration for her along to you, here’s two Youtube viedos of her. The first viedo is her Emmy speech in 2004, which I think is one of the best speeches. It makes me a little choked up, but probably only because I am such a SATC fan. The second one is one of the cutest commericals ever.

The Riddle of the Sphinx

“It’s like the riddle of the Sphinx… why are there so many great unmarried women, and no great unmarried men?” – Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City.

So, I haven’t really written about my relationship with Mr. Right recently and that’s because everythings been going pretty well, at least I thought so. Anyway, a few days ago he told me about his ex who he broke up with because she was going to move to Europe, but, she’s back and you guessed it, he wants to ‘give her another try and take some time off of us.’ My Mr. Right now seems like a total Mr. Wrong. 

So, I’m back to single life, which honestly I don’t mind except I really do miss Mr., well, Wrong. The one thing I don’t like about being single though is that I am always looking for another guy instead of just having fun. I haven’t really gotten over him yet but my friends took me out to see the dating pool, but the girl to boy ratio was like 4 to 1 and it was just not successful. So my question I have to ask to you guys is: where’s the best place to meet guys? Do you have the most luck at the gym or the pool hall or the clubs?

An American in Paris

So, I was watching the two-part finale of Sex and the City, titled An American in Paris, and I decided that those two episodes have the best fashion in the whole entire show. Every single outfit Carrie Bradshaw and her other friends wore was just spectacular.

This is one of my favorite outfit that Carrie wears because it fits so well and also looks stunning. I tried to find something that resembled it and found this on Saks.

One way to recreate Carrie’s outfit but spend less money would be to take this studded tank top (found at Forever 21) and this high-waisted skirt (found at American Apparel) and this blue belt (found at Forever 21).

Here’s another outfit of hers that I absolutely adore!

I found two things that reminded me of this dress. One is a shirt from shopbop.com and the other is a floral dress from Saks.

Was It Good For You?

As you probably all realized, the site has changed. I don’t only want to change how my blog looks but also what it says. After capturing a bit of an audience, I want to ask you: What do you want to hear? I have realized I’ve written a lot about my personal life and not as much about fashion as I would like. Please give me anything you want me to talk about. Also what you like to read about more: my life or fashion or both? You can comment back on this or email me at contact.vogueidea@gmail.com.

Please feel free to email me. I love getting emails and will spend as much time as neccasary to answer every single one. You can seriously email me about anything: your home, your boyfriend, or your new Jimmy Choo’s or anything about New York. I have lived in New York for my whole life (minus one year) and have a lot to say about it and everything that happens in it. Please, please, please don’t hesitate to email me!


A Vogue Idea

p.s. If you didn’t realize, I just wanted to point out all of the titles of my blogs are titles of Sex and the City episode titles. I know, I’m obsessed 😀