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The Big Journey

I’m back to blogging and back to New York! It feels so good to be back. L.A. was an amazing experience but I am glad it is over. I am a New York City girl and although, I miss the nice weather now that I am back, I am happy to to be seating here typing on my computer once again with new ambitions and new goals. So I have a lot to say to catch you up such as how my career has been going. I must say the movie went extremely well. My life has changed now completely since I am being noticed more on the street and I have now got a certain status in Hollywood but nothing’s too outrageous. Don’t go searching for my name on IMDB or think I’m someone I am not. I like being somewhat anonymous so I have made it so most people won’t be able to find out who I am. It’s really not that important. I have nothing to say on this blog that relates to my work besides my modeling career and maybe friends and boyfriends as well. My modeling career has come to a stop. I still have done spreads in magazines but as an actress not a model. I love modeling with the glamour and clothes but my true passion is acting which I have been blessed to persue. Now that I am back in New York though I think I am going to continue auditions for new movies but take it slow and enjoy life. I have accomplished so much in my life that now is a better chance than any to stop for a minute. I can back to New York because I couldn’t resist it. I was done with the movie – done with LA – and I knew that I could continue doing just what I was  doing but instead around family and friends and my true love, NY. 

Boys Boys Boys. Mr. right has turned out to be Mr. wrong. Or more like Mr. wrong timing. Long-distances barely work out and I wasn’t going to try it with him. So in LA I dated around but nothing serious enough to continue on to NY. So here I am single and on the Upper East Side now. I have moved from fashionable Downtown to uptight Uptown but I am liking it so far. It is quieter and I love being right near Central Park. I have been taking walks almost everyday in the park, sometimes lasting for hours. I am still best friends with “Charlotte,” “Miranda,” and “Samantha.” “Miranda” is now married to the personal assistant and “Samantha” has gone back to her distructive ways of sleeping with rockstars and bartenders. “Charlotte” is doing great and can be followed on her own blog called New Yorke Cherie. “Samantha” and I have become better friends sicne her breakup with her boyfriend because he was too demanding for her and changed her. She’s back to her old ways but is more matured now. I love being able to just drop by when I need my friends instead of setting up Skype times on a weekly basis. 

There’s nothing more to say except I am so excited to be back and can’t wait for this summer. Besides the occasional photoshoot or audition I will be blogging so get ready for some intense dedication! Thanks for checking back in and I will write more when I get back from “Miranda’s” Hampton house on wednesday. 

xx- A Vogue Idea


Easy Come, Easy Go

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t written in a while. Life has been so hectic with friends, family, work, and relationships. Firstly, I would like to address a reoccuring trend that keeps on getting bigger and bigger each season. Vintage. Vintage is one of the best trends ever because everyone can afford it. You could get a vintage inspired item at Forever21 or a cheap find at a thift store. Also, you could get a vinytage inspired item at Intermix or find an outrageously expensive piece at a vintage boutique. It ranges from everything to anything. Here are some vintage inspired looks, but rememebr the best stuff is the real stuff so look online for a local thrift store for a cute new look.

Alice and Olivia 1920sBlack Halo (Jackie O.)Forever21 - 1930sMissoni - 1970

With all of these fashions coming and going you may wonder what will stay in style. Just stay true to yourself and establish your own look and buy what you look good in and what you feel good in. Also, remember the fashion recycles itself so bring out that old leather jacket that is collecting dust for its revival!

I wrote in my last blog about “Samantha” and after a long chat with her I am not mad at her. My friends and I included her in our halloween festivities and we all have been cordial, but I feel like there is a point where one still might love your friend but maybe things have changed and then the friends move apart. I know this has happened to me plenty of times, but I know for a fact that I have “Charlotte” to be my friend through and through. As I also explained in my last blog, my group of friends is also getting closer to another fab girl but I have yet to think up a name for her. So as of now, my friends are shifting but only for the good I think.

Another thing that comes and goes is boys. My friend “Charlotte” went through a hard break-up on Halloween and it just reminds me how men are so unreliable. This is as a rule of course because Mr. Right is so right. Although we have some arguments, everything is pretty good. But boys will be boys and that means no matter how comfortable things get you have to be realistic when it comes to relationships. Now, I am the biggest romantic, besides “Charlotte”, there is so when it comes to my relationships, although I am hestiant at first, I begin thinking about weekends up in the Hamptons with the kids. What I am saying is that “trends, [men, and even some friends] may come and go but the true friends stay forever.”

So Un-Sex and the City

In Sex and the City, the girls barely fight so what I’m about to say to so un-Sex and the City that is scares me. I am in a herted arguement, alright a fight, with “Samantha.” It started because of her man because as we all know , men start all fights. But as we also know, men should neevr come bewteen a friendship, and it didn’t. What came between Samantha and my relationship is her, in my opinion of course. So let me start from the beginning to help explain our situation better. We (meaning “Miranda”, “Charlotte”, and I) had all planned a big party for “Samantha” and we invited over a hundred people over to “Miranda”‘s hosue, since her’s is the biggest. We had put a lot of money and effort into this and then “Samantha” told us that she couldn’t come to her party anymore because her boyfriend, whose an executive for the Super Bowl advertisment and such. I mean she totally blew off this huge party for him. At that point, I admit I was pissed but it didn’t seem like anyone else was since they were so happy she had finally settled down with someone even though he is twenty years older than her. When she got back she was a different person to me. She was trying so hard to fit this mold that she thought was how a girl in love should act but it was no longer her. So when I approched her to tell her this, she freaked.

She’s become a different person to me and “Charlotte” and “Miranda” would agree. Another reason our relationship is being stressed is that I’m becoming closer to my friend that I met through acting and she knows “Samantha” from when she was doing advertising as well as commericals. My friend is the type that is only can really be described as she is really sweet, outgoing and hilarious, but if she doesn’t like you, you live in hell. She’s like Regina George from Mean Girls or the Molly Ringwald character, from The Breakfast Club or Cher in Clueless. A total bitch when she wants to be. And because “Samantha” was acting like a nuisance that day and a poser, she was a bitch to “Samantha”, of course only after “Samantha” had paid her for the commerical. So, “Samantha” has become ever intimidated by my friend and my friend has, in turn, disliked “Samantha”. 

So does this mean that our group of friends is no longer the Fab Four and might become the Terrefic Three? This makes me wonder: why would a friendships end because of one bad time when there were so many bad times? 

ps. Please comment with names we can call my new friend. She’s really hyper and loads of fun. Any Sex and the City reference is great but also another nickname would be great!

The Monogamists

Today is a momumental day for my friends and me. Today we are all with one guy and one guy only. My friend “Charlotte”, the one with the blog New Yorke Cherie, has the most wonderful boyfriend for about seven months. My other friend “Miranda” is in the Hamptons to decorate a multi-million dollar house all while dating her personal assistant. How cliché. “Samantha” has had many relationships but only a few serious. She’s recently been working on the press for the Superbowl and has fallen for one of the Superbowl execs. If you knew her like I do you owuld realize why this is such a big deal because she usually falls for the one-night stand sort-of guys like bartenders and male models. So, now we are all happily in relationships. We are now all planning a dinner with all of our boys and us. It’ll be awkward but very fun to meet everyone. I’ve only met “Charlotte”‘s boyfriend and not “Miranda” or “Samantha”.

Today “Samatha” said to me on the phone that she had found ‘the one’ but before she was certain I had to meet him. Then I had a thought. Why do women need their friends advice and guidance before they can make an important choice? I can not be judgemental though because I know that before I buy anything over three hundred dollars I need my friend to come and watch me try things on. Can women not function without their friends’ input?

p.s. My friends have agreed to guest write a blog so if anyone is interested in hearing more about their relationships, jobs, or anything really just comment or email me.

The Riddle of the Sphinx

“It’s like the riddle of the Sphinx… why are there so many great unmarried women, and no great unmarried men?” – Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City.

So, I haven’t really written about my relationship with Mr. Right recently and that’s because everythings been going pretty well, at least I thought so. Anyway, a few days ago he told me about his ex who he broke up with because she was going to move to Europe, but, she’s back and you guessed it, he wants to ‘give her another try and take some time off of us.’ My Mr. Right now seems like a total Mr. Wrong. 

So, I’m back to single life, which honestly I don’t mind except I really do miss Mr., well, Wrong. The one thing I don’t like about being single though is that I am always looking for another guy instead of just having fun. I haven’t really gotten over him yet but my friends took me out to see the dating pool, but the girl to boy ratio was like 4 to 1 and it was just not successful. So my question I have to ask to you guys is: where’s the best place to meet guys? Do you have the most luck at the gym or the pool hall or the clubs?

Three’s A Crowd

She’s been called a third wheel, a tag along, a cock blocker, an outcast. Whatever you call her, you totally know who I’m talking about. Last weekend I went to Mr. Right’s house to drink some champagne and eat some chocolates. It was so romantic until my drunk friend called me telling me she just needed to meet him. I mean what was I supposed to say? No? I guess she wouldn’t have remembered either way. I told her to bring more people but of course everyone was already sick of that drunk mess of a girl. Okay, normally I love her company but after a few drinks, not so much. 

Anyway, she arrived and it was such a nightmare. I could feel Mr. Right was not happy about the interruption but being the gentleman he is didn’t say anything. The whole time I was trying to continue my romantic night with Mr. Right while keeping my friend entertained. 

I have three best friends: one of them being the drunk one – she’s a bit of a Samantha (for the non-sex and the city fans, that’s a reference to one of the main characters). he helps us get into all the parties since she works for advertising and always can reach the owners of the hot spots in New York. She’s not as confident as Samantha but is definitely is, well, let’s just say assertive. She is a wonderful friend though, don’t get me wrong. My other friend is completely the Miranda (another Sex and the City reference) out of us. She loves mystery novels and is totally independent. She’s a interior design, which I am always so interested in. Maybe I will have her do a post on her latest assignment which is a Park Avenue four bedroom apartment. Totally to die for. And then there’s my best friend out them all, she’s totally Charlotte (and yet another). She is basically the definition of preppy living in a house uptown and her family’s house in the hamptons. She works as a assistant to Linda Wells, the Allure Magazine editor. She’s plans everything.

The reason I wrote all of this is because I remember when it wasn’t the four of us and the drunk mess I was talking about earlier, the Samantha if you will, wasn’t in our little group. The interior designer, the “Miranda” was completely the third wheel. Is three always an odd number?

I Heart NY

Today, I went to the East Village with two of my best friends, “Miranda” and “Samantha”. Unfortunately my other friend had to go to the ballet with her grandparents. While she was watching arabesques, we were walking around in 97 degree weather. I am already in debt since I bought my apartment so I couldn’t buy anything except for some records at a vintage store called Love Saves the Day. 

We found this one store called Foley + Corinna on 114 Stanton Street. I decided it would be the perfect store to buy a dress for an event since the dresses were gorgeous and unique but a bit over-priced. This other store, Pixie Market, has really cute shirts and was one of favorite finds of the day. Heres one of the shirts that I loved but couldn’t buy because of its price ($161):

Another adorable store was Pinky Otto which was kind of like Olive and Bettes, a expensive yet very chic store. The main difference though was the fact it was more innovative and unique. One store I did buy something at was Cadillac’s Castle, which is a designer resale and vintage clothing.

For any other addresses or the company’s email addresses, comment back and I will try and find them.