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Say goodbye to 2008…

It’s time for us all to say goodbye to 2008 and hello to 2009. I’m excited for what 2009 will bring. With more modeling on its way, a great boyfriend, and a new acting agency to top it all off, I think this year will be a good one. What is everyone’s New Year Resolutions? I have three: to put work as a first priority, get into shape, and remember to spend time with the family. It’s funny because last year my New Year Resolutions were exactly the same except I needed to spend less time with family and more with friends. Enough about me, I wanted to make a post dedicated to the great 2008 (Sorry, I know that was beyond cheesey!)


2008 was a year of surprises. Britney had everyone watching as she plumitted to the bottom but now is making it higher than she ever was. The most amazing special of 2008 I have to say goes to Britney’s documentary For the Record. People.com takes a quote from Britney that amost made me cry when I saw her. I’m so proud of her and I hope she continues her exciting climb to the top into the New Year. I’m excited to be seeing her perform in New York in 2009!


Another surprise that doesn’t have a happy ending is the story of the tragic ending to one of the most talented actors ever (and a total heart throb), Heath Ledger. With a rumored and well-deserved Oscar nomination coming up in the New Year, we all can’t get Heath out of our thoughts. 


2008 was a year of matrimony and these marriages also were full of surprises. Beyoncé, the self-sufficient ‘Single Lady’, finally married Jay-Z after years of dating. On the contrary, Mariah Carey married Nick Canon after two months of dating which was completely a surprise but what’s more of a surprise is that they are going into 2009 without a divorce. Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz also tied the knot in a rock and roll sort of way and the suprising part of this marriage is that this preacher’s daughter devliered her baby in the same year, making this one of the busiest years for Ashlee since she lipsynced her way to the D list. The last surpising marriage of 2008 was Ellen and Porshia’s, which was totally cute but completely surprising given the fact that two women were able to get married in the state of California. They aren’t the only two women in a romance causing a stir in 2008. Lindsay Lohan and her DJ Sam Ronson have also committed to a relationship. 


Hope you liked this recap of 2008 and to finish this post of here are some fashionable celebrities in 2008:


Four Women and A Funeral

I am sorry I have not written in a while. As you all may know, Ruslana Korshunova died on June 28. I can honestly say, she was just as gorgeous on the inside as on her outside. Discovered at only the age of 15, she has had an amazing career and out of the many successful campaigns, one of which is that she got the opportunity to work with Nina Ricci for her notrious perfume: ‘Nina’.

Nina Ricci

 Rest in peace.


On the topic of gorgeous women, I have decided to list my favorite models. One of my favorite models is Agyness Deyn, who is so gorgeous but yet has such an edge. Although my look is completely different than hers, she is a icon for women since she is who she is and has no regrets.

Another model who I adore is  Sasha Pivovarova. All the way from Moscow, Russia, she has made such a name for herself and has accomplished so much. She has worked for Calvin Klein, Anna Sui, Carolina Herrera, DKNY, Marc Jacobs, Carolina Herrera, Zac Posen, and Prada. Gemma Ward is mistaken for Pivovarova but as you can see in the following picture, Sasha Pivovarova’s (on right) eyes just shine.


Gemma and Sasha

Gemma (left) and Sasha (right)


We can all except to see more of Sasha Pivovarova from years to come.

An upcoming model that I admire is Chanel Iman. She is half-African American and half-Korean. Chanel also appeared on the cover of Teen Vogue alongside fellow American teenage models Ali Michael and Karlie Kloss, who are also very beautiful.

Lastly, another one of my favorite model on the scene at the moment, is Jessica Stam. This Canadian model has graced the cover of Vogue and is in the notorious Dior ads.


Dior - Stam

 Who’s your favorite model?

Agyness DeynSasha PivovarovaJessica Stam

          Agyness Deyn                  Chanel Iman                  Sasha Pivovarova                  Jessica Stam                  

Out of The Frying Pan

So, I have been living in my apartment for exactly two weeks now. I have decided the loans and everything are totally worth it. Plus, I have already gotten enough money to pay off a half of it and I just landed a job that will pay off a lot. Anyway, it is completely worth it.

I have recently figured out the most effective party one can have: a “home welcoming” party – both to celebrate my new house and celebrate my coming back to New York. I have been making microwavable dinners. I didn’t even have flatware! Anyway, I told my best friends to register for things at William Sonoma for me and I got the most amazing things! It might seem a bit odd to register for things when I am not getting married or anything but say I never get married, I would never be able to register for gifts. 

So, I got basically everything from flatware, to pots and pans, to teacups. Now I am going to have a thank you party and use all of the things they bought me! I invited around fifty people. My apartment was tight but it fit everyone nicely. 

Talking about my apartment, I went to Pottery Barn and Urban Outfitters and bought some new furniture to replace some of the old furniture I didn’t like as much. i bought my apartment furnished, which was a good move on my part because then I don’t have to go major shopping – I can just do things bit by bit. I bought lots more pillows and a rocking chair. I also went to my friend’s art gallery and bought some art.

The Big Time

I think that in order to have a “style” you have to start somewhere. It’s easiest to take a celebrity who you admire what they wear and figure out what you like about their style. Then, add your own style. When I started modeling is when became “fashion conscience”. What I mean by that is that is when I started knowing designers names, what styles were “in”, and when I started to try and find my personal style. It’s not like I didn’t now who Yves Saint Laurent (RIP) was. It’s just I wore what was on the mannequin at Abercrombie and Fitch instead of looking for cute, unique finds. My style icons are people who shaped my style in one way or another.

Firstly, I totally and completely admire Audrey Hepburn. The simple black dress became a legend after she wore it.The simple black dress is a staple in every girl’s closet and would be adorable with not only high heels but converses to make it just that more edgy. Also, a mini black dress would make it timeless but modern at the same time. I don’t only love what she wore but how she wore it: with class and elegance.

Audrey Hepburn

Kate Moss is the next fashion icon for me because her look is so “New York model”. Her cute vests and skinny jeans just exude a fun, charismatic person that I want my clothes to portray. I love her leather jackets and her boots and mini skirts. It’s totally inspiring!! Also, Hayden Panettiere because she is around my age and gorgeous! Not only is she a style icon for me but a role model because of her great efforts to make the world a better place. I love her fashion sense too. She wears mini dresses and vintage outfits and skinny jeans. She likes flowers, stripes, and simple back too.

Kate MossHayden PanettiereHayden Panettiere

Lastly, Sienna Miller, although what her career is is unknown, has an amazing fashion sense. What I love about her the most is that her look is always so laid-back. Her notorious “hippy” vibe makes her look recognizable which I think is a characteristic that everyone’s style should be. Miller, along with other celebrities, has brought back certain styles like Ray Ban sunglasses (that now everyone owns), fashion scarves, and braided hair along with braided dresses.

Sienna Miller and dogsSienna Miller

I think after looking at all of these pictures and people, I think my fashion sense is my own but I definitely get inspired my people and things. I love mini dresses, LBD, skinny jeans, cute tees, black pants, bright colored dresses, Mary Jane’s, tribal prints, and lots more.

What are your favorite style icons and what styles are you a fan of this season??

Models and Mortals

Whether you are a model or a mortal, you can look “effortlessly stunning” by just investing in some adorable new trends. One of my favorite trend is the hippie bag. Of course you can get less-expensive versions, like these two from Urban Outfitters:

Another trend that I absolutely adore is the Men’s watch phenomenon. It is practical yet super chic. I love the way the bulky watches with feminine wrists. My personal favorite watch is the Vacheron Constantin Malte Chronograph Watch found at Tourneau.

The less expensive watches are definitely not as good as the expensive ones and I recommend at least go for the $50-$150 range of watches. These next two are from Urban Outfitters again. The first is a women’s watch and the second watch is men’s.

Last but not least, I love the maxi-dress trend. You can belt it or let it hang. Whatever you do it will look very summer-y and very laid-back (It’s funny how usually the “laid-back” outfits are the ones you try the hardest on.) I have a Calypso floor-length multi-colored skirt that if I wear with a belt looks perfect as a maxi-dress, but this is a dress made from Shop bop – the first two from Rachal Pally. Also the third one is from Banana Republic: 

Hope you agree about these looks that are just to die for!