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The Big Journey

I’m back to blogging and back to New York! It feels so good to be back. L.A. was an amazing experience but I am glad it is over. I am a New York City girl and although, I miss the nice weather now that I am back, I am happy to to be seating here typing on my computer once again with new ambitions and new goals. So I have a lot to say to catch you up such as how my career has been going. I must say the movie went extremely well. My life has changed now completely since I am being noticed more on the street and I have now got a certain status in Hollywood but nothing’s too outrageous. Don’t go searching for my name on IMDB or think I’m someone I am not. I like being somewhat anonymous so I have made it so most people won’t be able to find out who I am. It’s really not that important. I have nothing to say on this blog that relates to my work besides my modeling career and maybe friends and boyfriends as well. My modeling career has come to a stop. I still have done spreads in magazines but as an actress not a model. I love modeling with the glamour and clothes but my true passion is acting which I have been blessed to persue. Now that I am back in New York though I think I am going to continue auditions for new movies but take it slow and enjoy life. I have accomplished so much in my life that now is a better chance than any to stop for a minute. I can back to New York because I couldn’t resist it. I was done with the movie – done with LA – and I knew that I could continue doing just what I was  doing but instead around family and friends and my true love, NY. 

Boys Boys Boys. Mr. right has turned out to be Mr. wrong. Or more like Mr. wrong timing. Long-distances barely work out and I wasn’t going to try it with him. So in LA I dated around but nothing serious enough to continue on to NY. So here I am single and on the Upper East Side now. I have moved from fashionable Downtown to uptight Uptown but I am liking it so far. It is quieter and I love being right near Central Park. I have been taking walks almost everyday in the park, sometimes lasting for hours. I am still best friends with “Charlotte,” “Miranda,” and “Samantha.” “Miranda” is now married to the personal assistant and “Samantha” has gone back to her distructive ways of sleeping with rockstars and bartenders. “Charlotte” is doing great and can be followed on her own blog called New Yorke Cherie. “Samantha” and I have become better friends sicne her breakup with her boyfriend because he was too demanding for her and changed her. She’s back to her old ways but is more matured now. I love being able to just drop by when I need my friends instead of setting up Skype times on a weekly basis. 

There’s nothing more to say except I am so excited to be back and can’t wait for this summer. Besides the occasional photoshoot or audition I will be blogging so get ready for some intense dedication! Thanks for checking back in and I will write more when I get back from “Miranda’s” Hampton house on wednesday. 

xx- A Vogue Idea


What Comes Around Goes Around

I am totally into Buddhist ways of life and doctrines like zen and feng shui and karma. Mostly karma though because although I have had my fair share of feng shui panic attacks and have signed up for mediation classes to increase my zen, the idea of karma makes so much sense to me. It’s completely a fair way to look at things. Except for when you give your aunt a Missoni throw pillow and then in return she gives you a ten dollar iTunes giftcard, usually when I do something nice for someone it is returned. 

My friend ‘Miranda'(as most of you know because of an article she wrote on this blog) is a interior designer and sometimes exterior. She needed me to tag along and go to some new antique stores that she had heard about. I really did not want to go because I have barely any money left in my account and I am thinking about cheaking myself in a rehab for a substance abuse problem of mine. That is of clothing. I have bought more than three thousand dollars of clothing in the last three days. Not good. Anyway, I ended up going with her and I ran into another great friend and we ended up having an amazing time and not only that, I found a priceless vintage wedding ring on a necklace for only twenty dollars! It’s gorgeous. Perfectly cut and everything and the band is actually the most beautiful band I have ever seen. So there you go karma lives on daily!

Usually when I do something selfless I end up getting something back wheither that is just having fun or finding a great deal. Next week I am taking in a roommate because my good friend broke up with ehr boyfriend and her place is also his place sine they rent it together. He said he’s keeping it and now she has to find a place. I hate when that happens, it’s like don’t these girls have any say too? Anyway I am so happy to be taking her in but I am also hoping this will increase my karma.

Bigger than Big

In the most recent poll, most people asked for a update in my relationship with Mr. Right. As Carrie said that her relationship with Mr. Big was ‘bigger than big’, my relationship is now more right than right. Mr. Right does everything right but he isn’t a total gentlemen either. I hate when guys do everything for you and treat you like a princess. I mean I love it every once in a while but I couldn’t be in a relationship with someone like that. I like the bad boys. Mr. Right isn’t a bad boy though; he is just the opposite but he still gets on my nerves some times and ignores me sometimes which in a really odd way makes me like him more. Am I alone on this?

Anyway, my relationship with him has been everything I wanted. Our few bumps in the road have just made everything between us better. We are planning on spending Christmas seperated because I am not at all about to introduce a boy to the family but we are having a Christmas Eve lunch which will be nice. I always find it so much easier to shop for men than girls. For guys, just go to an electronic store or a sports store and get something you know he’ll like but with girls it has to get personal.

Mr. Right is possibly the greatest boyfriend I’ve ever had but really how could I compare them all since they are all so different. I don’t think I have a type when it comes to guys I actually date but the guys I lust over are always tall, dark, and handsome and usually in a band 😛

Have a great Christmas and if any of you need help for a Christmas gift, comment and I promise to respond with an idea! xoxo – A Vogue Idea

That Nook

I have found my own “Mr. Big” and of course I am talking about Mr. Right then Mr. Wrong and then Mr. I-have-no-idea. But he is now I know he is my Mr. Positively, Absloutely, Most definitely Right. At least right now. But I still love being a single gal and being able to go out with my friends without thinking ‘Oh wait! Mr. Right might be interested in going to that new exbihit or new restaurant that’s opening instead…’ I also love being able to think for myself. Of course, I also love having a man. I think my favorite thing about being in a relationship, except for the guy obviously, is just lying next to that person right before I go to bed. It’s not like anything else when you slip in that nook under his arm and lie there while he reads the Times.

My Mr. Big is positively the most romantic man ever. He is definitely the most polite man I’ve ever dated. I love being with him so much that I want to be with him all the time. I think although we have been dating for two months about that it is time to start making room for a drawer at his place. You know, a place to put some clothes in case I sleepover spontaneously or something. As of now, the clothes on my back are the only clothes I go home in. Well, of course the pair of jeans I stole from him is an exception, might I add that these jeans are so cute cuffed with ankle boots! I go home early every morning looking like a high-priced hooker and of course, this needs to stop. So, my question to you is this: When should my little nook in his arm become a little nook in his closet?

Boy, Interupted


When I think about the word ‘men’ other words like dirty, irresponsible, and lazy come to mind. I would have never guessed that this species would actually inspire a fashion trend that has been lasting for a few seasons now. And we all now that fall will not be the end to this style. Whenever I think of women dressing in men’s attire I think of Katharine Hepburn or Coco Chanel.


These women have two things in common: an influence on fashion and their love for blazers.

I have found two blazers that I have fallen in love with. The first one being a bit out of my price range. It is Mary-Kate and Ashley’s line Elizabeth and James at Intermix.

The other blazer is from Urban Outfitters and a great alternitive balzer if you aren’t willing to spend that much.

I love the color of this one and I also love the rolled cuffs. Another fashion inspired by the men is the wingtip loafers. I also found two of these: one pair from United Colors of Benetton and one from Forever 21.

United Colors of Benetton Wingtips Forever 21 Wingtips

      United Colors of Benetton                    Forever 21 Wing tips

And of course I can’t not mention the notorious ‘boyfriend sweater.’ My favorite is the one from American Apparel that is unisex.


So, when we all think that men have contributed nothing to this world, just think about your cute new blazer hanging up in your closet!