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Hot Child in the City

My best friend Zoe aka “Charlotte” wrote a post on her blog, New Yorke Cherie, about high school which totally inspired me to write another post about my high school experience. Zoe has been my best friend since eighth grade, along with some other close friends I kept in contact with. I’ve already talked about my past boyfriends but what I haven’t spent too much time on was my friends, our parties, and school, which of course are topics that should be discussed. My parents were always really harsh. I was grounded almost every month when I was slacking a bit but it ended up in my favor when I went to my dream school. They would ground me for anything below an A on a report card, any night I satyed out later than curfew, and anytime I acted in any way rude to them.

My friend’s parents were a whole different story. All of them didn’t care if they stayed out until three in the morning and some won’t even care if we drank. Of course I managed to make sure I slept over at their houses every Saturday night instead of going back home. For the most part, my friends were all crazy and fun but in the end great friends. The cliques at my school were very defined but there wasn’t really a popular group. There were just many cliques. The nerdy smart kids, the pot heads, the sluts, and then my group which kind of was in the middle of it all. There were many girls in our ‘clique’ but of course I had the ones I was closest too, like “Charlotte” and two others. 

The parties were insane. We would do things I still consider pretty crazy in my twenties. We always knew someone who knew someone who got us into all the award show after-parties, club openings, celebrity parties, and benefits. I personally think that this sort of life worked out completely well for me. I didn’t end up with any kind of disorders, although many of my friends did, and I didn’t end up spoiled. I am so thankful to have lived in New York and had the oppertunities I have had. My dad came from a lower class family and had to work his way up and that really gave me, personally, a great deal of aspiration within myself. The school was the most important and then came the parties and you have never seen a party until you see a New York City penthouse party. These parties consisted of not only music, booze, and boys, but the hottest djs, the most gorgeous outfits, that by the end of the night, would be ruined,  and after-parties in Union Square or Central Park.


Well I admit it was one hectic life but atleast I turned out okay… I guess. 😀


The Caste System

In the Ancient Roman times, if you were born into a rich family you were nobles and there wasn’t much change. Nowadays people like Will Smith in Pursuit of Happyness can become rich and rich people can become poor. As my history teacher in sophomore year taught me, that means America’s society mobility is open. She would be so proud. 

Except there still is this sense that your childhood and how you grew up stays with you forever. Some things I really loved about my childhood. I mean the fact that I ran around at midnight in the streets of New York was pretty fun. The life I had was completely surreal. I mean, I had to balance SAT scores and my 4.0 grade point average all while making sure my parents didn’t catch me smoking or staying out until morning. However hard it was to manage, I still miss it all.Living in New York for my entire life gave me an experience like no other. I was exposed to fashion through my modeling, the elite colleges through school, and the life of a socialite through the parties I went to. 

In high school, there’s a ranking system just like Ancient Rome. Popular, smart, athletic, and freaks. I fell into the first category kind of on mistake but that ‘ranking’ has stayed with me. It’s like I was born into it and now whatever I do I will always slightly be a that seventeen year old girl partying at clubs and smoking in Central Park.


I’ve talked before about my high school sweetheart “Johnny” but haven’t gone that much in detail with the other aspects of high school whether it be fellow students, teachers, or just what I learned during those short four years. The blog, Where Have All The Prom Queens Gone?, really inspired me to write a post on my high school experience.

My high school was like the new show Gossip Girls except we were actually living it. In freshman year, I was nice to everyone in the grade and everyone was nice to me, until one girl, the most popular at the time, told me, “Pick who you want to become. You can be either one of the nerds or one of us.” I don’t think I will ever forget that she said that. I told my best friends, who were in her crowd more than I was, and they totally turned on her. No one was her friend anymore and all of the sudden everyone started to try really hard to be friends with me. Anyways, I guess I kind of took her spot in a way. A year or so ago, my best friend from high school, who is still one of the best friends now (“Charlotte”), told me that that bitch is now dating a rich fifty year old, married man. One word, karma.

My friends and I knew how to party. One of my friends had parents that were always gone so we would go to her place and throw parties. After one of her parties, I remember I met my high school sweetheart. I think that most girls who are in a position like I was in, dating a older boy and partying every weekend, whether in the Hamptons or New York, could easily ruin their life but college was really important to me and my parents would always demand to know my whereabouts. I think most people at my high school are surprised to see me how I am today: having seen me date  “Brad”, who was my little piece of Hollywood drama, seeing me in magazines and movies, and still being just as outgoing and friendly as I was in high school. But then again i am always so surprised at our reunions to see the druggie now with one child at the top preschool in the city and the sweet cheerleader now, totally butch. It’s just funny what time does to us all.