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The Big Journey

I’m back to blogging and back to New York! It feels so good to be back. L.A. was an amazing experience but I am glad it is over. I am a New York City girl and although, I miss the nice weather now that I am back, I am happy to to be seating here typing on my computer once again with new ambitions and new goals. So I have a lot to say to catch you up such as how my career has been going. I must say the movie went extremely well. My life has changed now completely since I am being noticed more on the street and I have now got a certain status in Hollywood but nothing’s too outrageous. Don’t go searching for my name on IMDB or think I’m someone I am not. I like being somewhat anonymous so I have made it so most people won’t be able to find out who I am. It’s really not that important. I have nothing to say on this blog that relates to my work besides my modeling career and maybe friends and boyfriends as well. My modeling career has come to a stop. I still have done spreads in magazines but as an actress not a model. I love modeling with the glamour and clothes but my true passion is acting which I have been blessed to persue. Now that I am back in New York though I think I am going to continue auditions for new movies but take it slow and enjoy life. I have accomplished so much in my life that now is a better chance than any to stop for a minute. I can back to New York because I couldn’t resist it. I was done with the movie – done with LA – and I knew that I could continue doing just what I was  doing but instead around family and friends and my true love, NY. 

Boys Boys Boys. Mr. right has turned out to be Mr. wrong. Or more like Mr. wrong timing. Long-distances barely work out and I wasn’t going to try it with him. So in LA I dated around but nothing serious enough to continue on to NY. So here I am single and on the Upper East Side now. I have moved from fashionable Downtown to uptight Uptown but I am liking it so far. It is quieter and I love being right near Central Park. I have been taking walks almost everyday in the park, sometimes lasting for hours. I am still best friends with “Charlotte,” “Miranda,” and “Samantha.” “Miranda” is now married to the personal assistant and “Samantha” has gone back to her distructive ways of sleeping with rockstars and bartenders. “Charlotte” is doing great and can be followed on her own blog called New Yorke Cherie. “Samantha” and I have become better friends sicne her breakup with her boyfriend because he was too demanding for her and changed her. She’s back to her old ways but is more matured now. I love being able to just drop by when I need my friends instead of setting up Skype times on a weekly basis. 

There’s nothing more to say except I am so excited to be back and can’t wait for this summer. Besides the occasional photoshoot or audition I will be blogging so get ready for some intense dedication! Thanks for checking back in and I will write more when I get back from “Miranda’s” Hampton house on wednesday. 

xx- A Vogue Idea


Three’s A Crowd

She’s been called a third wheel, a tag along, a cock blocker, an outcast. Whatever you call her, you totally know who I’m talking about. Last weekend I went to Mr. Right’s house to drink some champagne and eat some chocolates. It was so romantic until my drunk friend called me telling me she just needed to meet him. I mean what was I supposed to say? No? I guess she wouldn’t have remembered either way. I told her to bring more people but of course everyone was already sick of that drunk mess of a girl. Okay, normally I love her company but after a few drinks, not so much. 

Anyway, she arrived and it was such a nightmare. I could feel Mr. Right was not happy about the interruption but being the gentleman he is didn’t say anything. The whole time I was trying to continue my romantic night with Mr. Right while keeping my friend entertained. 

I have three best friends: one of them being the drunk one – she’s a bit of a Samantha (for the non-sex and the city fans, that’s a reference to one of the main characters). he helps us get into all the parties since she works for advertising and always can reach the owners of the hot spots in New York. She’s not as confident as Samantha but is definitely is, well, let’s just say assertive. She is a wonderful friend though, don’t get me wrong. My other friend is completely the Miranda (another Sex and the City reference) out of us. She loves mystery novels and is totally independent. She’s a interior design, which I am always so interested in. Maybe I will have her do a post on her latest assignment which is a Park Avenue four bedroom apartment. Totally to die for. And then there’s my best friend out them all, she’s totally Charlotte (and yet another). She is basically the definition of preppy living in a house uptown and her family’s house in the hamptons. She works as a assistant to Linda Wells, the Allure Magazine editor. She’s plans everything.

The reason I wrote all of this is because I remember when it wasn’t the four of us and the drunk mess I was talking about earlier, the Samantha if you will, wasn’t in our little group. The interior designer, the “Miranda” was completely the third wheel. Is three always an odd number?


I’ve talked before about my high school sweetheart “Johnny” but haven’t gone that much in detail with the other aspects of high school whether it be fellow students, teachers, or just what I learned during those short four years. The blog, Where Have All The Prom Queens Gone?, really inspired me to write a post on my high school experience.

My high school was like the new show Gossip Girls except we were actually living it. In freshman year, I was nice to everyone in the grade and everyone was nice to me, until one girl, the most popular at the time, told me, “Pick who you want to become. You can be either one of the nerds or one of us.” I don’t think I will ever forget that she said that. I told my best friends, who were in her crowd more than I was, and they totally turned on her. No one was her friend anymore and all of the sudden everyone started to try really hard to be friends with me. Anyways, I guess I kind of took her spot in a way. A year or so ago, my best friend from high school, who is still one of the best friends now (“Charlotte”), told me that that bitch is now dating a rich fifty year old, married man. One word, karma.

My friends and I knew how to party. One of my friends had parents that were always gone so we would go to her place and throw parties. After one of her parties, I remember I met my high school sweetheart. I think that most girls who are in a position like I was in, dating a older boy and partying every weekend, whether in the Hamptons or New York, could easily ruin their life but college was really important to me and my parents would always demand to know my whereabouts. I think most people at my high school are surprised to see me how I am today: having seen me date  “Brad”, who was my little piece of Hollywood drama, seeing me in magazines and movies, and still being just as outgoing and friendly as I was in high school. But then again i am always so surprised at our reunions to see the druggie now with one child at the top preschool in the city and the sweet cheerleader now, totally butch. It’s just funny what time does to us all.

Sex and the Country

This weekend I went to the Hamptons with my best friend. We stayed at  my friend’s parent’s house up there. It was really nice. We spent all day at the beach club or the pool in their backyard and all night walking around in the town. It was very relaxing. What I love about leaving the city is coming back. You know that feeling when you come home and you’re unpacking? It just makes you feel so happy to be home. I love it. 

Anyway, another thing I wanted to tell you all was about this new store, Madewell, I found. It is located in Soho in New York, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Texas, and other places as well. I love Madewell so much because it is super comfy but also so adorable and chic. Here’s a picture from the website: www.madewell1937.com