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What Comes Around Goes Around

I am totally into Buddhist ways of life and doctrines like zen and feng shui and karma. Mostly karma though because although I have had my fair share of feng shui panic attacks and have signed up for mediation classes to increase my zen, the idea of karma makes so much sense to me. It’s completely a fair way to look at things. Except for when you give your aunt a Missoni throw pillow and then in return she gives you a ten dollar iTunes giftcard, usually when I do something nice for someone it is returned. 

My friend ‘Miranda'(as most of you know because of an article she wrote on this blog) is a interior designer and sometimes exterior. She needed me to tag along and go to some new antique stores that she had heard about. I really did not want to go because I have barely any money left in my account and I am thinking about cheaking myself in a rehab for a substance abuse problem of mine. That is of clothing. I have bought more than three thousand dollars of clothing in the last three days. Not good. Anyway, I ended up going with her and I ran into another great friend and we ended up having an amazing time and not only that, I found a priceless vintage wedding ring on a necklace for only twenty dollars! It’s gorgeous. Perfectly cut and everything and the band is actually the most beautiful band I have ever seen. So there you go karma lives on daily!

Usually when I do something selfless I end up getting something back wheither that is just having fun or finding a great deal. Next week I am taking in a roommate because my good friend broke up with ehr boyfriend and her place is also his place sine they rent it together. He said he’s keeping it and now she has to find a place. I hate when that happens, it’s like don’t these girls have any say too? Anyway I am so happy to be taking her in but I am also hoping this will increase my karma.


Easy Come, Easy Go

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t written in a while. Life has been so hectic with friends, family, work, and relationships. Firstly, I would like to address a reoccuring trend that keeps on getting bigger and bigger each season. Vintage. Vintage is one of the best trends ever because everyone can afford it. You could get a vintage inspired item at Forever21 or a cheap find at a thift store. Also, you could get a vinytage inspired item at Intermix or find an outrageously expensive piece at a vintage boutique. It ranges from everything to anything. Here are some vintage inspired looks, but rememebr the best stuff is the real stuff so look online for a local thrift store for a cute new look.

Alice and Olivia 1920sBlack Halo (Jackie O.)Forever21 - 1930sMissoni - 1970

With all of these fashions coming and going you may wonder what will stay in style. Just stay true to yourself and establish your own look and buy what you look good in and what you feel good in. Also, remember the fashion recycles itself so bring out that old leather jacket that is collecting dust for its revival!

I wrote in my last blog about “Samantha” and after a long chat with her I am not mad at her. My friends and I included her in our halloween festivities and we all have been cordial, but I feel like there is a point where one still might love your friend but maybe things have changed and then the friends move apart. I know this has happened to me plenty of times, but I know for a fact that I have “Charlotte” to be my friend through and through. As I also explained in my last blog, my group of friends is also getting closer to another fab girl but I have yet to think up a name for her. So as of now, my friends are shifting but only for the good I think.

Another thing that comes and goes is boys. My friend “Charlotte” went through a hard break-up on Halloween and it just reminds me how men are so unreliable. This is as a rule of course because Mr. Right is so right. Although we have some arguments, everything is pretty good. But boys will be boys and that means no matter how comfortable things get you have to be realistic when it comes to relationships. Now, I am the biggest romantic, besides “Charlotte”, there is so when it comes to my relationships, although I am hestiant at first, I begin thinking about weekends up in the Hamptons with the kids. What I am saying is that “trends, [men, and even some friends] may come and go but the true friends stay forever.”

Escape from New York

Times like these I remember why I wanted to move out of the city last winter and the winter before that and the winter before that and the winter before that…

Although the last few days have resembled fall, a week before and many, many weeks to come are dreadful. This winter is supposed to be one of the coldest winters in New York. If you have to bundle up might as well look cute. I think you should invest in a cute coat because you are going to wear it o often you might as well absoluetly love it. Here are some of my favorite coats for this winter.


Forever 21 Coat


This one from Forver21 is only 35 dollars and it is super cute.

Here is a few from Delia*s that are also really inexpensive but still adorable.

These two are on the expensive side, from Intermix, but are totally worth the money, in my opinion.

Running With Scissors

The best trend that is rolling from summer to fall is definitely cutouts. In particular cutout booties. 

My favorites are from Saks and Shop bop but both are rather expensive stores so the last one is from Forever 21, which is very inexpensive.


From Paul and Joe - I love the swede fabric and the buttons!

From Paul and Joe – I love the swede fabric and the buttons!

These Versace Cutouts are so trendy and still timeless. I absolutely love them!
These Versace Cutouts are so trendy and still timeless. I absolutely love them!
These ones are Claudia Ciuti and they kind of resemble the Versace ones above. I like this color better though because it is more unexpected.

These Forever 21 shoes are a knockoff of a pair designed by Chloé. It’s totally fashion-forward although a bit on the dishonest and shifty side.

And not only are shoes the only things that are being but here and there. Clothing has also come to love the scissor trend, like this Ella Moss red blouse and this new designer, featured on Saks, Brian Reyes’ dress.

Models and Mortals

Whether you are a model or a mortal, you can look “effortlessly stunning” by just investing in some adorable new trends. One of my favorite trend is the hippie bag. Of course you can get less-expensive versions, like these two from Urban Outfitters:

Another trend that I absolutely adore is the Men’s watch phenomenon. It is practical yet super chic. I love the way the bulky watches with feminine wrists. My personal favorite watch is the Vacheron Constantin Malte Chronograph Watch found at Tourneau.

The less expensive watches are definitely not as good as the expensive ones and I recommend at least go for the $50-$150 range of watches. These next two are from Urban Outfitters again. The first is a women’s watch and the second watch is men’s.

Last but not least, I love the maxi-dress trend. You can belt it or let it hang. Whatever you do it will look very summer-y and very laid-back (It’s funny how usually the “laid-back” outfits are the ones you try the hardest on.) I have a Calypso floor-length multi-colored skirt that if I wear with a belt looks perfect as a maxi-dress, but this is a dress made from Shop bop – the first two from Rachal Pally. Also the third one is from Banana Republic: 

Hope you agree about these looks that are just to die for!