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Out of The Frying Pan

So, I have been living in my apartment for exactly two weeks now. I have decided the loans and everything are totally worth it. Plus, I have already gotten enough money to pay off a half of it and I just landed a job that will pay off a lot. Anyway, it is completely worth it.

I have recently figured out the most effective party one can have: a “home welcoming” party – both to celebrate my new house and celebrate my coming back to New York. I have been making microwavable dinners. I didn’t even have flatware! Anyway, I told my best friends to register for things at William Sonoma for me and I got the most amazing things! It might seem a bit odd to register for things when I am not getting married or anything but say I never get married, I would never be able to register for gifts. 

So, I got basically everything from flatware, to pots and pans, to teacups. Now I am going to have a thank you party and use all of the things they bought me! I invited around fifty people. My apartment was tight but it fit everyone nicely. 

Talking about my apartment, I went to Pottery Barn and Urban Outfitters and bought some new furniture to replace some of the old furniture I didn’t like as much. i bought my apartment furnished, which was a good move on my part because then I don’t have to go major shopping – I can just do things bit by bit. I bought lots more pillows and a rocking chair. I also went to my friend’s art gallery and bought some art.


Change of A Dress

I recently bought an apartment using all of my money – and trust me I don’t have much, which is why I am up to my shoulders in loans. I couldn’t say no to this apartment though. It is on Jane Street which, for those not familiar to New York, is in the West Village. Its a two bedroom apartment and right now I am using the other bedroom for storage of my clothes. But that’s another good thing about this apartment is the storage space. There are four closets in all and I will use two for clothes and two for other household appliances that I need to store away. Here are some pictures of my apartment:


                      This is the kitchen.            

                    This is the living room.

              Another view of the living room.

I still wonder though: is my debt worth this apartment? I mean, I am not exactly in debt but I definitely have some loans to pay off. Another question I still think about is if I was really ready to buy. I’m not even in a relationship but if I suddenly was in one and things were going well, would I need to sell this apartment? 

Any thoughts?