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Say goodbye to 2008…

It’s time for us all to say goodbye to 2008 and hello to 2009. I’m excited for what 2009 will bring. With more modeling on its way, a great boyfriend, and a new acting agency to top it all off, I think this year will be a good one. What is everyone’s New Year Resolutions? I have three: to put work as a first priority, get into shape, and remember to spend time with the family. It’s funny because last year my New Year Resolutions were exactly the same except I needed to spend less time with family and more with friends. Enough about me, I wanted to make a post dedicated to the great 2008 (Sorry, I know that was beyond cheesey!)


2008 was a year of surprises. Britney had everyone watching as she plumitted to the bottom but now is making it higher than she ever was. The most amazing special of 2008 I have to say goes to Britney’s documentary For the Record. takes a quote from Britney that amost made me cry when I saw her. I’m so proud of her and I hope she continues her exciting climb to the top into the New Year. I’m excited to be seeing her perform in New York in 2009!


Another surprise that doesn’t have a happy ending is the story of the tragic ending to one of the most talented actors ever (and a total heart throb), Heath Ledger. With a rumored and well-deserved Oscar nomination coming up in the New Year, we all can’t get Heath out of our thoughts. 


2008 was a year of matrimony and these marriages also were full of surprises. Beyoncé, the self-sufficient ‘Single Lady’, finally married Jay-Z after years of dating. On the contrary, Mariah Carey married Nick Canon after two months of dating which was completely a surprise but what’s more of a surprise is that they are going into 2009 without a divorce. Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz also tied the knot in a rock and roll sort of way and the suprising part of this marriage is that this preacher’s daughter devliered her baby in the same year, making this one of the busiest years for Ashlee since she lipsynced her way to the D list. The last surpising marriage of 2008 was Ellen and Porshia’s, which was totally cute but completely surprising given the fact that two women were able to get married in the state of California. They aren’t the only two women in a romance causing a stir in 2008. Lindsay Lohan and her DJ Sam Ronson have also committed to a relationship. 


Hope you liked this recap of 2008 and to finish this post of here are some fashionable celebrities in 2008:

Bigger than Big

In the most recent poll, most people asked for a update in my relationship with Mr. Right. As Carrie said that her relationship with Mr. Big was ‘bigger than big’, my relationship is now more right than right. Mr. Right does everything right but he isn’t a total gentlemen either. I hate when guys do everything for you and treat you like a princess. I mean I love it every once in a while but I couldn’t be in a relationship with someone like that. I like the bad boys. Mr. Right isn’t a bad boy though; he is just the opposite but he still gets on my nerves some times and ignores me sometimes which in a really odd way makes me like him more. Am I alone on this?

Anyway, my relationship with him has been everything I wanted. Our few bumps in the road have just made everything between us better. We are planning on spending Christmas seperated because I am not at all about to introduce a boy to the family but we are having a Christmas Eve lunch which will be nice. I always find it so much easier to shop for men than girls. For guys, just go to an electronic store or a sports store and get something you know he’ll like but with girls it has to get personal.

Mr. Right is possibly the greatest boyfriend I’ve ever had but really how could I compare them all since they are all so different. I don’t think I have a type when it comes to guys I actually date but the guys I lust over are always tall, dark, and handsome and usually in a band 😛

Have a great Christmas and if any of you need help for a Christmas gift, comment and I promise to respond with an idea! xoxo – A Vogue Idea

What next?

Hey! Sorry I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been busy with the holidays. Please fill out this poll to give me a sense of what all of you want me to write about next. it would be really helpful if after you filled it out, you also commented on this post with more specific details on what you are interested in reading about. Thanks guys! xoxox – A Vogue Idea

Attack of the Five Foot Ten Woman

When I was younger I not only looked up to Barbie but I thought I was her. I had the dream house, her friends, Ken, the rockstar tour bus and all the clothes and accessories. With her vital statistics estimating at 36 inches (chest), 18 inches (waist) and 33 inches (hips), she is completely unrealstic rolemodel for kids but I still love her to this day. Not only did she teach little girls they could do anything like the hundreds of carrers that Barbie herself accomplished, but she taught little kids about fashion. As a five year old, I could match the pink sequin bag to the silver mini dress or decide not to put the black shoes with the navy sailor dress because navy and black don’t ‘match’. Looking back, Barbie has been one of the most fashion-foward example for young girls. Barbie isn’t only a fashion role model but also she is a clear way to show the fashion through the ages. Created in 1959 she has gone through thousands of looks. Here are some that have recently been published in Barbie by Yona Zeldis McDonough. 


The Chicken Dance

For me, fur is so overdone. It’s a part of every winter look of every year. Don’t get me wrong, I love a faux cheetah print coat or faux rabbit fur collar (I also love real fur but could never wear it, just like begeres smell so yummy but I could never manage to chew some beef). This year a new animal trend is ‘flying off’ and that is the feather trend (don’t you love how corny I am!) Here are some of my favorite feather looks:


Hot Child in the City

My best friend Zoe aka “Charlotte” wrote a post on her blog, New Yorke Cherie, about high school which totally inspired me to write another post about my high school experience. Zoe has been my best friend since eighth grade, along with some other close friends I kept in contact with. I’ve already talked about my past boyfriends but what I haven’t spent too much time on was my friends, our parties, and school, which of course are topics that should be discussed. My parents were always really harsh. I was grounded almost every month when I was slacking a bit but it ended up in my favor when I went to my dream school. They would ground me for anything below an A on a report card, any night I satyed out later than curfew, and anytime I acted in any way rude to them.

My friend’s parents were a whole different story. All of them didn’t care if they stayed out until three in the morning and some won’t even care if we drank. Of course I managed to make sure I slept over at their houses every Saturday night instead of going back home. For the most part, my friends were all crazy and fun but in the end great friends. The cliques at my school were very defined but there wasn’t really a popular group. There were just many cliques. The nerdy smart kids, the pot heads, the sluts, and then my group which kind of was in the middle of it all. There were many girls in our ‘clique’ but of course I had the ones I was closest too, like “Charlotte” and two others. 

The parties were insane. We would do things I still consider pretty crazy in my twenties. We always knew someone who knew someone who got us into all the award show after-parties, club openings, celebrity parties, and benefits. I personally think that this sort of life worked out completely well for me. I didn’t end up with any kind of disorders, although many of my friends did, and I didn’t end up spoiled. I am so thankful to have lived in New York and had the oppertunities I have had. My dad came from a lower class family and had to work his way up and that really gave me, personally, a great deal of aspiration within myself. The school was the most important and then came the parties and you have never seen a party until you see a New York City penthouse party. These parties consisted of not only music, booze, and boys, but the hottest djs, the most gorgeous outfits, that by the end of the night, would be ruined,  and after-parties in Union Square or Central Park.


Well I admit it was one hectic life but atleast I turned out okay… I guess. 😀