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What Comes Around Goes Around

I am totally into Buddhist ways of life and doctrines like zen and feng shui and karma. Mostly karma though because although I have had my fair share of feng shui panic attacks and have signed up for mediation classes to increase my zen, the idea of karma makes so much sense to me. It’s completely a fair way to look at things. Except for when you give your aunt a Missoni throw pillow and then in return she gives you a ten dollar iTunes giftcard, usually when I do something nice for someone it is returned. 

My friend ‘Miranda'(as most of you know because of an article she wrote on this blog) is a interior designer and sometimes exterior. She needed me to tag along and go to some new antique stores that she had heard about. I really did not want to go because I have barely any money left in my account and I am thinking about cheaking myself in a rehab for a substance abuse problem of mine. That is of clothing. I have bought more than three thousand dollars of clothing in the last three days. Not good. Anyway, I ended up going with her and I ran into another great friend and we ended up having an amazing time and not only that, I found a priceless vintage wedding ring on a necklace for only twenty dollars! It’s gorgeous. Perfectly cut and everything and the band is actually the most beautiful band I have ever seen. So there you go karma lives on daily!

Usually when I do something selfless I end up getting something back wheither that is just having fun or finding a great deal. Next week I am taking in a roommate because my good friend broke up with ehr boyfriend and her place is also his place sine they rent it together. He said he’s keeping it and now she has to find a place. I hate when that happens, it’s like don’t these girls have any say too? Anyway I am so happy to be taking her in but I am also hoping this will increase my karma.


A Word From “Miranda”

Thanks for asking me to do a post. I’m very hapy to do one for you and to explain my work. I’ve never really understood this whole blog thing but maybe if people like my blog I’ll come around to making my one although, God knows, I have no time.

So let me explain what I do. I am an interior design. In the past I have also exterior designed, although my strong suite is definitely interior. When interior designing, I usually work with my customer to find out their price range, when they want to move into their new house or their renovated house. Most of the time I am hired when someone wants to completely re-do their hosue and then, I have to work with the architects too, in order to get a full idea on what the space I am dealing with looks like. It is a very stressful job because I have to do everything and anything to please the client. I have always loved design and before I had figured out my career path, I had wanted to become a fashion designer. 

Once assigned a new project, I go to the person’s house and see what I am dealing with: the price range and the space range. Then I get a sense of what their personal style is and then we go shopping. I do most of the shopping without the client but this first shopping trip is meant for me to get a bigger idea of their style. Now, sometimes the client is too busy to do this with me and then in that case I find things I like and email them a few of them and see their response. I have worked on mansions in the Hamptons and also townhouses in the city. I have worked with actors and also bankers worth billions.

Some of my favorite furniture stores are Ethan Allen, Pottery Barn, and ABC Carpet and Home. ABC is located in New York and has the most amazing chandeliers, rugs, and furniture.

If anyone has any questions for me like what carpenting would look good with your walls or wheither you should go with a modren or antique chair just email Vogue Idea ( and she’ll forward it to me. Thanks!

xoxo – “Miranda”

The Caste System

In the Ancient Roman times, if you were born into a rich family you were nobles and there wasn’t much change. Nowadays people like Will Smith in Pursuit of Happyness can become rich and rich people can become poor. As my history teacher in sophomore year taught me, that means America’s society mobility is open. She would be so proud. 

Except there still is this sense that your childhood and how you grew up stays with you forever. Some things I really loved about my childhood. I mean the fact that I ran around at midnight in the streets of New York was pretty fun. The life I had was completely surreal. I mean, I had to balance SAT scores and my 4.0 grade point average all while making sure my parents didn’t catch me smoking or staying out until morning. However hard it was to manage, I still miss it all.Living in New York for my entire life gave me an experience like no other. I was exposed to fashion through my modeling, the elite colleges through school, and the life of a socialite through the parties I went to. 

In high school, there’s a ranking system just like Ancient Rome. Popular, smart, athletic, and freaks. I fell into the first category kind of on mistake but that ‘ranking’ has stayed with me. It’s like I was born into it and now whatever I do I will always slightly be a that seventeen year old girl partying at clubs and smoking in Central Park.

Out of The Frying Pan

So, I have been living in my apartment for exactly two weeks now. I have decided the loans and everything are totally worth it. Plus, I have already gotten enough money to pay off a half of it and I just landed a job that will pay off a lot. Anyway, it is completely worth it.

I have recently figured out the most effective party one can have: a “home welcoming” party – both to celebrate my new house and celebrate my coming back to New York. I have been making microwavable dinners. I didn’t even have flatware! Anyway, I told my best friends to register for things at William Sonoma for me and I got the most amazing things! It might seem a bit odd to register for things when I am not getting married or anything but say I never get married, I would never be able to register for gifts. 

So, I got basically everything from flatware, to pots and pans, to teacups. Now I am going to have a thank you party and use all of the things they bought me! I invited around fifty people. My apartment was tight but it fit everyone nicely. 

Talking about my apartment, I went to Pottery Barn and Urban Outfitters and bought some new furniture to replace some of the old furniture I didn’t like as much. i bought my apartment furnished, which was a good move on my part because then I don’t have to go major shopping – I can just do things bit by bit. I bought lots more pillows and a rocking chair. I also went to my friend’s art gallery and bought some art.

Change of A Dress

I recently bought an apartment using all of my money – and trust me I don’t have much, which is why I am up to my shoulders in loans. I couldn’t say no to this apartment though. It is on Jane Street which, for those not familiar to New York, is in the West Village. Its a two bedroom apartment and right now I am using the other bedroom for storage of my clothes. But that’s another good thing about this apartment is the storage space. There are four closets in all and I will use two for clothes and two for other household appliances that I need to store away. Here are some pictures of my apartment:


                      This is the kitchen.            

                    This is the living room.

              Another view of the living room.

I still wonder though: is my debt worth this apartment? I mean, I am not exactly in debt but I definitely have some loans to pay off. Another question I still think about is if I was really ready to buy. I’m not even in a relationship but if I suddenly was in one and things were going well, would I need to sell this apartment? 

Any thoughts?