Going away for awhile

Sorry guys but I just got cast in a major movie. I know. I’m so excited. But the thing is… I don’t think I’m goin to be able to keep up this blog. Please keep on checking in because I might be able to post but I’m sorry to say that it looks like my blogging days are coming to a close.


8 responses to “Going away for awhile

  1. good luck! hope you come back one day:) even just as an update.

  2. good luck! you’ll be amazing! love you

  3. Wow good luck! That’s amazing!

  4. All the best and looking forward to seeing you on the silver screen 😉 (if you let us know what movie it is when it comes out)

  5. Congratulations! Let us know which movie it is so that we can spot you.

  6. I really like your blog. Anyways, good luck and update soon!

  7. Wow!!!
    Have a fun time,wish you all the best..
    Friend once you’ve made it.let us know..=)

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