The Good Fight

I think that like Beyonce/ Sasha Fierce and Mariah/ Mimi, I also have an alter-ego. My one self is kind of like a 50s house wife I guess. I love baking although my trainer doesn’t let me eat anything I bake because I like making foods with twice the butter and triple the sugar! šŸ˜€ Any chance I get I buy china for my kitchen and invite people over to have a dinner party, listening to Billy Holiday. The other part of me I call Kendra. It is kind of a joke with my friends because three of us have an inside joke that we are the three infamous Playboy bunnies. As Kendra I am a crazy, wild party girl. At clubs I am Kendra, atĀ benefitsĀ I am the 50s hosuewife. It’s aĀ constant fight between the two sdies of me. I am not saying I am actually bipolar but there are two sides of me.

belted dressapronlc dresspink dress

sequin vestchain tankCorsetherve ledger mini



4 responses to “The Good Fight

  1. i LOVE the apron. so housewife of you. and i also love that strapless dress. is that lauren conrad?? and i love the halter dress. its very leighton meester

  2. yes it is lauren conrad! and i know i love those. i really didn’t give my ‘wild’ side that that cute of clothing. maybe ill add something…


  3. That burgundy/wine color dress is amazing! I love it!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, love!


  4. The dress named “pink dress” was lovely:) Ah, *me want*

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