The Chicken Dance

For me, fur is so overdone. It’s a part of every winter look of every year. Don’t get me wrong, I love a faux cheetah print coat or faux rabbit fur collar (I also love real fur but could never wear it, just like begeres smell so yummy but I could never manage to chew some beef). This year a new animal trend is ‘flying off’ and that is the feather trend (don’t you love how corny I am!) Here are some of my favorite feather looks:



6 responses to “The Chicken Dance

  1. i think i own that headband… haha. I love the dress.

  2. i love that first dress!
    and thank you so much!
    i’ll add you too (:

  3. the headbands from intermix. i love the dress too – juicy has gotten soo cute.

  4. Love the feathers…

  5. words of a feather haha 😉 i love the headband

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