A Word From “Charlotte”

Heyy Vogue Idea readers! I’m Zoe also know as “newyorkecherie”. As you probably know from reading my friend Meg’s blog, we have a tight group of friends. We call ourselves “Carrie”, “Miranda”, “Samantha”, and me, “Charlotte Yorke”. Our friend, “Miranda” wrote a guest blog on Meg’s site as well, so I decided I’d reply yes to the invitation Meg gave me.

JOB: On Staff at a magazine
MAGAZINE: Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Lucky, Domino, etc.
COLOR: Red… I’m a romantic.
DESSERT: I absolutely love chocolate, so truffles… but I also love a really good tiramisu.
ALCOHOLIC DRINK: Cosmos and Strawberry Daiquiris

    I did that quick questionnaire so you would see a few facts about me. So yea, I just wanted to take this opportunity to kind of fill you in on my life and things like that. I’m dating the love of my life, “Trey”. Hopefully, he and I will last longer than Charlotte and Trey did on Sex and the City. I would have given him the nickname, “Harry”, but his personality is more like Trey’s. He comes from a great family and is a business man. We live together on the Upper East Side of New York City. But enough about that, I was hoping to share more of my interests.

    I work at a magazine here in New York. I’m not going to give away too much information, but I basically get to do a little bit of everything. I had my shot at writing, and recently got promoted after only a few months. I work with everything from fashion, beauty, and designers, to food, entertainment, and the city. Here is my normal day:

8:15-      Wake up and go to the gym (conveniently in my building)
9:45-      Get ready for my day. Go to Starbucks for my Grande Non-Fat Latte (iced in the summer/ spring), without which I would not be able to function.
10:30-      Arrive to my office after walking to work (Being Green). Check my e-mail, check my blog, walk around and see if anyone needs me. I return messages to people who called while I was out.
    Throughout my day, I edit some articles, check out new stores and boutiques, run errands at various stores or designers, and pull things for shoots. It sounds like pretty easy work, but trust me, it can get to you. If the shoes that an intern or assistant went all the way downtown to get don’t match the last-minute changed dress, we have chaos on our hands. But basically, it is my job to make sure things run smoothly. It means always thinking ahead, demanding things from the interns, and things like that. I have a meeting once a month after the issue comes out to discuss the next issue. But basically, I don’t have many meetings to go to since I’m not on the corporate side.
Later that night, I either go out with the girls, or I go out with Trey.

    So I don’t ramble on too much more, I’m going to end my guest blog entry here. If you like what I’ve said here, check out my blog http://newyorkecherie.wordpress.com/. I update as much as I can, so be sure to come on over!
Infinite x’s and o’s
P.S. I’m starting an advice column on my blog so if you need help with anything, whether it’s guy advice, shopping advice, or design advice (although Miranda may be your best bet on that one), just comment on my blog or send me a message in the “About Moi” section of my blog. I’m here to listen and I have been through many situations that I’m sure could help you!


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