Escape from New York

Times like these I remember why I wanted to move out of the city last winter and the winter before that and the winter before that and the winter before that…

Although the last few days have resembled fall, a week before and many, many weeks to come are dreadful. This winter is supposed to be one of the coldest winters in New York. If you have to bundle up might as well look cute. I think you should invest in a cute coat because you are going to wear it o often you might as well absoluetly love it. Here are some of my favorite coats for this winter.


Forever 21 Coat


This one from Forver21 is only 35 dollars and it is super cute.

Here is a few from Delia*s that are also really inexpensive but still adorable.

These two are on the expensive side, from Intermix, but are totally worth the money, in my opinion.


4 responses to “Escape from New York

  1. Great pics! I love that first one from F21 the most

  2. i love the navy blue delias one. very cute. i also love how you did like the least expensive and most expensive. They’re all super cute and it’s good to help everyone with different price ranges.. like me haha.

  3. thanks! i love how fashion is now so accessible since there are so many cute yet inexpensive stores.. xoxo – A Vogue Idea

  4. beautiful things on this blog

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