A Word From “Miranda”

Thanks for asking me to do a post. I’m very hapy to do one for you and to explain my work. I’ve never really understood this whole blog thing but maybe if people like my blog I’ll come around to making my one although, God knows, I have no time.

So let me explain what I do. I am an interior design. In the past I have also exterior designed, although my strong suite is definitely interior. When interior designing, I usually work with my customer to find out their price range, when they want to move into their new house or their renovated house. Most of the time I am hired when someone wants to completely re-do their hosue and then, I have to work with the architects too, in order to get a full idea on what the space I am dealing with looks like. It is a very stressful job because I have to do everything and anything to please the client. I have always loved design and before I had figured out my career path, I had wanted to become a fashion designer. 

Once assigned a new project, I go to the person’s house and see what I am dealing with: the price range and the space range. Then I get a sense of what their personal style is and then we go shopping. I do most of the shopping without the client but this first shopping trip is meant for me to get a bigger idea of their style. Now, sometimes the client is too busy to do this with me and then in that case I find things I like and email them a few of them and see their response. I have worked on mansions in the Hamptons and also townhouses in the city. I have worked with actors and also bankers worth billions.

Some of my favorite furniture stores are Ethan Allen, Pottery Barn, and ABC Carpet and Home. ABC is located in New York and has the most amazing chandeliers, rugs, and furniture.

If anyone has any questions for me like what carpenting would look good with your walls or wheither you should go with a modren or antique chair just email Vogue Idea (contact.vogueidea@gmail.com) and she’ll forward it to me. Thanks!

xoxo – “Miranda”


2 responses to “A Word From “Miranda”

  1. hahaha I love how you convinced her to write a blog. shes so not the techie type.
    love you meg

  2. haha i know! now all we need is a post from “samatha”

    xoxo – A Vogue Idea (Meg)

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