That Nook

I have found my own “Mr. Big” and of course I am talking about Mr. Right then Mr. Wrong and then Mr. I-have-no-idea. But he is now I know he is my Mr. Positively, Absloutely, Most definitely Right. At least right now. But I still love being a single gal and being able to go out with my friends without thinking ‘Oh wait! Mr. Right might be interested in going to that new exbihit or new restaurant that’s opening instead…’ I also love being able to think for myself. Of course, I also love having a man. I think my favorite thing about being in a relationship, except for the guy obviously, is just lying next to that person right before I go to bed. It’s not like anything else when you slip in that nook under his arm and lie there while he reads the Times.

My Mr. Big is positively the most romantic man ever. He is definitely the most polite man I’ve ever dated. I love being with him so much that I want to be with him all the time. I think although we have been dating for two months about that it is time to start making room for a drawer at his place. You know, a place to put some clothes in case I sleepover spontaneously or something. As of now, the clothes on my back are the only clothes I go home in. Well, of course the pair of jeans I stole from him is an exception, might I add that these jeans are so cute cuffed with ankle boots! I go home early every morning looking like a high-priced hooker and of course, this needs to stop. So, my question to you is this: When should my little nook in his arm become a little nook in his closet?


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