All That Glitters…

I think one of the most accurate songs of all time  is “Dimonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”. When I where a great piece of jewerly I feel so pretty and all grown-up. So here are some jewerly to make all of you feel pretty:


My favorite jewewrly stores are Tiffany’s and Lang Antiques. Both of these stores can be pricey so for other, more afforable jewerly look at Kay Jewelers or Zales Jewelry. For fake, very cheap, and very cute, look at Girl Props or Claire’s. Both these stores are kind of aimed at for younger kids but they are great for costume jewerly or fun night-out jewerly that you won’t mind if it breaks. I am not really a fan of Kay and Zales although I cannot say since I have nothing from those stores but I am a firm believer in expensive jewerly. Jewerly is something that you keep all your life and jewerly, especially diamonds, never go out of style.  So treat your self to a nice diamond necklace or bracelet or earrings and you’ll be singing Marilyn Monroe’s song, Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend all the way home.


One response to “All That Glitters…

  1. Those are real pretty! We have a great selection of jewelry from costume to diamonds and from young to mature. You will find what your looking for, check us out at

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