Evolution: Does This Make My Ass Look Big?

This blog has grown so much in the past few months. Another addition I would like to do is to post what I’ve been wearing. I’ll call it ‘Does This Make Me Ass Look Big?’ So here are some of my favorite looks I wore this summer and hopefully will still get some use of:

This outfit is very casual but still professional.

I love this dress because it is so simple but when worn with the belt, it goes to a whole new dimension.

 I absolutely love this dress, which was originally a skirt. Since it’s so flow-y it definitely still needs a belt to define the waist. I love the soho/ hippy vibe of it all. It was really what inspired my wardrobe for the summer: Just fun and free.

Also, here’s an outfit I created on this really cool website called Polyvore.com. I have a lot of black tie events coming up and thought this would be an amazing choice to wear. Hopefully, I’ll be able to save enough to purchase the Miu Miu.


ps. Does anyone know a good art blog about new york city exhibits? I am really looking forward to checking out more exhibits this year.


11 responses to “Evolution: Does This Make My Ass Look Big?

  1. Woow, love all the outfits. Your style is great : )


  2. I love love love that LBD. it looks amazing on you! i love the straps. where is it from??

  3. check out: http://theworldsbestever.com/

    he posts a lot of the ny scene and then some other random stuff.

  4. thanks! zo, i got it at barneys.

  5. you are a skinny mini. don’t ever wonder about your ass looking big.

  6. where’d you get that dress? 🙂 (2nd picture)

    “I love this dress because it is so simple but when worn with the belt, it goes to a whole new dimension.”

  7. its a ABS dress from a few seasons ago.

  8. i would just like to say that that the title i gave this section : does this make my ass look big? is just a title. i do not think my ass looks big. haha i’ve been getting emails and comments (i have deleted them because i found them irrelevant) telling me i am not fat and actually quite thin. this blog has nothing to do with the size of my body just simply what i put on it. thanks though for the kind words. xoxo

  9. I love that LBD! Lilly Pulitzer has a very similar dress to the Miu Miu. I saw it at the store on Madison and am still kicking myself for not getting it.

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