The Caste System

In the Ancient Roman times, if you were born into a rich family you were nobles and there wasn’t much change. Nowadays people like Will Smith in Pursuit of Happyness can become rich and rich people can become poor. As my history teacher in sophomore year taught me, that means America’s society mobility is open. She would be so proud. 

Except there still is this sense that your childhood and how you grew up stays with you forever. Some things I really loved about my childhood. I mean the fact that I ran around at midnight in the streets of New York was pretty fun. The life I had was completely surreal. I mean, I had to balance SAT scores and my 4.0 grade point average all while making sure my parents didn’t catch me smoking or staying out until morning. However hard it was to manage, I still miss it all.Living in New York for my entire life gave me an experience like no other. I was exposed to fashion through my modeling, the elite colleges through school, and the life of a socialite through the parties I went to. 

In high school, there’s a ranking system just like Ancient Rome. Popular, smart, athletic, and freaks. I fell into the first category kind of on mistake but that ‘ranking’ has stayed with me. It’s like I was born into it and now whatever I do I will always slightly be a that seventeen year old girl partying at clubs and smoking in Central Park.


One response to “The Caste System

  1. I love your life! and yay for the popular kids! I’m pretty grateful, it could have been a lot worse..

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