The Drought

I know I have written in ages but its fashion week and I’ve been super busy with everything like fittings, rehearsals, and the shows. But I have finally found time to sit down at my computer and write a bit. Oh and I know I forgot to update you on the US Open. It was so much fun and I sat right next to a few famous celebrities like a team member on the New York Giants and Kelsey Grammar.

I have also had a bit of a drought myself in two ways. Firstly my boyfriend Mr. Right’s grandfather’s brother-in-law’s aunt died and he used that as an excuse to fly to England for the funeral. He’s pretty close to his grandfather so I think he wanted Mr. Right there. But, I want Mr. Right here! At least he will be back soon.

Secondly, my computer has been having lots of problems for the past year so I borrowed my friend’s sister’s friend’s old one. I know, that seems really odd but the thing is my friend’s sister’s friend gave it to my friend’s sister and my friend’s sister gave it to my friend and my friend gave it to me. Basically, no one was in need of computer but I was. So anyway there is a reason for this confusing story. I sent some emails using the Mail application on the Mac but when I did that it sent using the original owners name but I thought that the name that was sent was my own. Most emails I sent I used by sending on the internet and those all worked correctly. The only reason I want to say all this is I am sure that no one knows my real identity but I was thinking and I decided to make things a bit less confusing I would go out and saw it. My name is Meg. There you have it. I’ve gone almost three months without telling you guys but I feel like now I need to because I don’t want any of you thinking I’m someone that I’m not. As some of you know, I’ve done bits and pieces of acting here and there but mostly just modeling.

On another note, make sure to see Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist! It looks great and one of my besties is in it!


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