Three’s A Crowd

She’s been called a third wheel, a tag along, a cock blocker, an outcast. Whatever you call her, you totally know who I’m talking about. Last weekend I went to Mr. Right’s house to drink some champagne and eat some chocolates. It was so romantic until my drunk friend called me telling me she just needed to meet him. I mean what was I supposed to say? No? I guess she wouldn’t have remembered either way. I told her to bring more people but of course everyone was already sick of that drunk mess of a girl. Okay, normally I love her company but after a few drinks, not so much. 

Anyway, she arrived and it was such a nightmare. I could feel Mr. Right was not happy about the interruption but being the gentleman he is didn’t say anything. The whole time I was trying to continue my romantic night with Mr. Right while keeping my friend entertained. 

I have three best friends: one of them being the drunk one – she’s a bit of a Samantha (for the non-sex and the city fans, that’s a reference to one of the main characters). he helps us get into all the parties since she works for advertising and always can reach the owners of the hot spots in New York. She’s not as confident as Samantha but is definitely is, well, let’s just say assertive. She is a wonderful friend though, don’t get me wrong. My other friend is completely the Miranda (another Sex and the City reference) out of us. She loves mystery novels and is totally independent. She’s a interior design, which I am always so interested in. Maybe I will have her do a post on her latest assignment which is a Park Avenue four bedroom apartment. Totally to die for. And then there’s my best friend out them all, she’s totally Charlotte (and yet another). She is basically the definition of preppy living in a house uptown and her family’s house in the hamptons. She works as a assistant to Linda Wells, the Allure Magazine editor. She’s plans everything.

The reason I wrote all of this is because I remember when it wasn’t the four of us and the drunk mess I was talking about earlier, the Samantha if you will, wasn’t in our little group. The interior designer, the “Miranda” was completely the third wheel. Is three always an odd number?


5 responses to “Three’s A Crowd

  1. I had a similar threesome friendship which ended up in cahoots, and I definitely think it either needs to be two best friends or a big group of best friends.

  2. OMG – LOVE your blog!!! I’ve added you to my blogroll. And I shall definitely keep reading!

  3. I don’t three’s are always bad when it comes to friends. I think sometimes it definitely takes a little more work though.

  4. I agree with Brandy. Three can work. Friendships need patience. To be there for the good times and bad. But not against your will, of course.

  5. yeah i mean it can work if you want it to. it totally worked with me and my friends before we came four. but sometimes someone was left out and it made it hard.

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