An American in Paris

So, I was watching the two-part finale of Sex and the City, titled An American in Paris, and I decided that those two episodes have the best fashion in the whole entire show. Every single outfit Carrie Bradshaw and her other friends wore was just spectacular.

This is one of my favorite outfit that Carrie wears because it fits so well and also looks stunning. I tried to find something that resembled it and found this on Saks.

One way to recreate Carrie’s outfit but spend less money would be to take this studded tank top (found at Forever 21) and this high-waisted skirt (found at American Apparel) and this blue belt (found at Forever 21).

Here’s another outfit of hers that I absolutely adore!

I found two things that reminded me of this dress. One is a shirt from and the other is a floral dress from Saks.


6 responses to “An American in Paris

  1. these episods are so good, and i totally agree with you on the fashion in them! you found some great, less expensive alternatives there.

  2. the first outfit is a balenciaga skirt and betsey johnson top, and she carries it with a lieber and wears spectacular lanvin boots. the second was lacroix. i was really obsessed with the finale looks too as you can see, since i’ve memorized them. i probably need to get that checked out.

  3. wow thanks for such informative info! haha

  4. I love all the outfits and ways to recreate them!!

    are you up for a link exchange?

  5. Ahh yes I remember. Great post. Great recreations

  6. LOVE the last two pictures on here. adorable.

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