Was It Good For You?

As you probably all realized, the site has changed. I don’t only want to change how my blog looks but also what it says. After capturing a bit of an audience, I want to ask you: What do you want to hear? I have realized I’ve written a lot about my personal life and not as much about fashion as I would like. Please give me anything you want me to talk about. Also what you like to read about more: my life or fashion or both? You can comment back on this or email me at contact.vogueidea@gmail.com.

Please feel free to email me. I love getting emails and will spend as much time as neccasary to answer every single one. You can seriously email me about anything: your home, your boyfriend, or your new Jimmy Choo’s or anything about New York. I have lived in New York for my whole life (minus one year) and have a lot to say about it and everything that happens in it. Please, please, please don’t hesitate to email me!


A Vogue Idea

p.s. If you didn’t realize, I just wanted to point out all of the titles of my blogs are titles of Sex and the City episode titles. I know, I’m obsessed 😀


2 responses to “Was It Good For You?

  1. love the changes you did! the new layout looks great. as far as your blogging topics: i really enjoy reading both, stories about you and fashion related stuff. so i’d say: keep it that way!

    i really thought about what i could mail you, just to send an e-mail 🙂 but i couldn’t think of anything yet, so i have to wait until i think of anything you might be interested in 🙂

  2. Emily Gordon is.....Gynomite!

    I love it all, and I don’t even like Sex and the City! More of the same is my two cents- you’re going on my blogroll!

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