The Turtle and the Hare

So, I am officially dating that guy we’ve called “Mr. Right” but we have decided to take it slower than slow because I want to just have fun. In this city, it is so hard to just find someone who wants to take it slow. I used to be the needy girlfriend but now I feel like a insensitive boyfriend. But seriously, when did four dates imply it was time to meet the parents? I certainly never got that memo. Anyway, when did I change into this type of girlfriend? Does that mean I really am just not ready to date since my last relationship?


4 responses to “The Turtle and the Hare

  1. I wouldn’t say so… but what would then say is that, go girl, take it the pace you feel inclined. And the good guy will come along. In a way, it’s amazing to hear that NY is a place where you go quickly courting-wise – I’d have pictured it more on a “let’s be free, no strings attached” side, given it’s a metropolitan and supposedly full of people wanting to experience “it all”.

  2. i don’t think it’s ever a sign that you’re not ready simply because of an ex-boyfriend. i’ve certainly changed in more ways than i thought possible (some good, some bad), but they all happen for a reason. if he’s willing to take it slowly with you, then maybe he will turn out to be ‘mr. right’ after all!

  3. great advice! thanks guys! xoxo

  4. I personally haven’t been datiing recently, and even when I did I was really needy!

    I enjoyed reading some of your posts, and I was wondering if you would like to do a link exchange with me. If so please contact me.

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