My Motherboard, My Self

I love my motherboard a.k.a my computer because of many things but I must say one of my favorite things to do is internet shop. I have found so many great websites like: which I found so many cute and totally unique things.

Cutting Board

Like these cutting board that drains.

Takeout Organizer

This takeout menu organizer is so brilliant, especially for someone for orders in so much like me! I also love who there is a whole section devoted to hostess gift’s which is always hard to find if you want to be innovative and not just buy some wine or flowers.

Another great website is It has lots of great vintage jewelry and sunglasses. I love their initial necklaces like these:

Initial Necklace

I also love these retro bow necklaces:

Bow Necklace

And of course these amazing retro risky business:


I also love the website which sells all of the amazing fashions of the stars. And my new favorite website:, which sells the cutest blazers and dresses!
Alexander Wang BlazerWhite Leather jacketBlue DressTuxedo Blazer 

Hope you like the websites!


4 responses to “My Motherboard, My Self

  1. That blaec site is awesome! I love, love, love those teeny blazers and that one shoulder dress!

  2. i’ve always loved blaec – they always have coupon codes so make sure to subscribe to the email updates. also check for online coupon codes:) there is always at least one out there.

  3. Love the bow necklaces absolutely adorable!

  4. Those sunglasses are pretty sweet, but I have to say that cutting board is the best find. It looks amazing, I must have one for myself.

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