Old Dogs, New Dicks

Sorry for the inappropriate title but I felt it was the only Sex and the City  title that would work with what I am about to share: my past few loves and my new ones. So, my first true love was in high school with a man (let’s call him “Johnny”). We both went to private school Uptown and met one night when my friends and I were walking around. “Johnny” was in his junior year when I was in my sophomore year. When he went to college, I broke up with him knowing fully well he wasn’t going to stay faithful to some senior when he could have college girls. Then, I became that college girl but was too focused on modeling and acting and school to also focus on a passionate relationship. Sure I had a few flings (okay… maybe a lot) but nothing serious.

I have written about my second “true love” before, the one in LA (we will call him “Brad” – yes, like Brad Pitt). “Brad,” at first, was just a fling but then he kept calling and calling and then I became hooked, but not to him, at first – to his fame. When I told my friends in New York I was dating “Brad,” they didn’t believe me until they saw my picture in the tabloids. I got to go to the premiere of his movie and met his agent, who helped me land my first film and introduced me to my current agent. At first, I was just reaping the benefits of having a famous boyfriend. Then I really fell in love though. The year went wonderfully but when I knew it was time to go, we were both crushed. He still calls me every now and then and we remain “friends”, although is it really ever a healthy relationship to be friends with your ex?

Now, I have a few new guys but I must say, I becoming to really like on of them. Two of them I am just seeing for good arm candy – I know that’s bad but they know I am totally not serious about our relationship, so they understand. One I really don’t like – he is kind of pushy and not very cute. And the last one (let’s call him “Mr. Right”) he is just “right.” I don’t know. He got me a Tiffany’s bracelet on our third “get together” – not the only reason I like him but he knows how to spoil me and I looove that. I want to make this exclusive but I don’t know if he feels the same. Plus, if I do the other guys will have to go. 

It’s so complicated to figure out if you really want to start something with someone. I mean if things go wrong then what? I am definitely the one for settling down but I hate feeling like I might be missing something better. I don’t when I am with someone who I like but still, what if Mr. Right turns out to be Mr. Wrong, then what?


4 responses to “Old Dogs, New Dicks

  1. well, if mr. right turns out to be mr. wrong, you at least tried. way better then always wondering what would have been, believe me 😉

  2. i think that if you are asking yourself so many questions, then none of them are right for you. maybe right for you RIGHT NOW, but nothing lasting. i think you realize that you become attracted to these guys because of things like “their fame” and “tiffany’s bracelet on the third date”, so you have to ask yourself if you really are looking for something serious, since all these guys sound like guys that are simply of the moment and not anything that promises of a lasting relationship.

    personally, i don’t trust anyone that would just give you something on a third date. from experience, gifts are just an easy way of buying your affection without having to put in any emotional work. gifts are a shortcut, albeit a very tempting shortcut. be careful!

    good luck though.

  3. great advice, anna and sarah. i must say though, what you said about gifts totally applies to some but i think he honestly was just giving me a present and there is nothing wrong with that! 😀 but seriously, if he was just buying my affection, then i don’t think he would have been so heartbroken when we broke up.

    and about “mr. right” or whatever, i’ve gone on two more dates with him and he is definitely right for me, at least for now. but everyone has those thoughts about a guy before they go out with him. right? all i am trying to do is figure out if this guy is worth my time and i think i found my answer.

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