The Big Time

I think that in order to have a “style” you have to start somewhere. It’s easiest to take a celebrity who you admire what they wear and figure out what you like about their style. Then, add your own style. When I started modeling is when became “fashion conscience”. What I mean by that is that is when I started knowing designers names, what styles were “in”, and when I started to try and find my personal style. It’s not like I didn’t now who Yves Saint Laurent (RIP) was. It’s just I wore what was on the mannequin at Abercrombie and Fitch instead of looking for cute, unique finds. My style icons are people who shaped my style in one way or another.

Firstly, I totally and completely admire Audrey Hepburn. The simple black dress became a legend after she wore it.The simple black dress is a staple in every girl’s closet and would be adorable with not only high heels but converses to make it just that more edgy. Also, a mini black dress would make it timeless but modern at the same time. I don’t only love what she wore but how she wore it: with class and elegance.

Audrey Hepburn

Kate Moss is the next fashion icon for me because her look is so “New York model”. Her cute vests and skinny jeans just exude a fun, charismatic person that I want my clothes to portray. I love her leather jackets and her boots and mini skirts. It’s totally inspiring!! Also, Hayden Panettiere because she is around my age and gorgeous! Not only is she a style icon for me but a role model because of her great efforts to make the world a better place. I love her fashion sense too. She wears mini dresses and vintage outfits and skinny jeans. She likes flowers, stripes, and simple back too.

Kate MossHayden PanettiereHayden Panettiere

Lastly, Sienna Miller, although what her career is is unknown, has an amazing fashion sense. What I love about her the most is that her look is always so laid-back. Her notorious “hippy” vibe makes her look recognizable which I think is a characteristic that everyone’s style should be. Miller, along with other celebrities, has brought back certain styles like Ray Ban sunglasses (that now everyone owns), fashion scarves, and braided hair along with braided dresses.

Sienna Miller and dogsSienna Miller

I think after looking at all of these pictures and people, I think my fashion sense is my own but I definitely get inspired my people and things. I love mini dresses, LBD, skinny jeans, cute tees, black pants, bright colored dresses, Mary Jane’s, tribal prints, and lots more.

What are your favorite style icons and what styles are you a fan of this season??


4 responses to “The Big Time

  1. I tottally agree!
    Care to trade links, love your blog!

  2. im with you, love siennas effortless style, its totally refreshing!

  3. I don’t know. I would say dig deep within you to figure out your style. That’s what I’m trying to do. I buy stuff, I wear it, and then I see the patterns of my wearing habits, and just add more peices that accentuate it and my body :).

  4. thanks guys! i’m glad you agree! and secretista, i agree with you completely. even if something might be cute, clothes that don’t flatter your body are definitely not worth buying.

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