The Real Me

As Carrie Bradshaw said in Sex and the City, “If I can only have one true love, New York might as well be mine.” I feel that same way about New York (and maybe other things) as Carrie Bradshaw. I spent one year, after Columbia University, in Los Angeles and must say that it wasn’t the place for me. What I love about New York is the fact that every neighborhood in the city is for someone else. The uptight and rich *(for the most part) – Upper East Side. The laid-back and artsy – West Village. The professional – Battery Park City. There is a place for everyone. Perhaps I just didn’t spend enough time in LA but I didn’t feel as if there was a place for me. 

I moved there to pursue my acting career and thankfully, I landed enough roles and made enough money to move back to my city, where I am still acting. Don’t get me wrong – I loved LA, it just wasn’t for me – just like New York isn’t for a lot of people. My favorite part of LA was my boyfriend. We met three weeks after I moved and dated the rest of the time I lived there. My question to you is: Have you ever given a long-term relationship a try?

I don’t think I could have stayed with him and still moved. He is an actor and you all probably know his name – but that is confidential. I did really love him but I think I love New York more. I think that once you find the right guy you will do anything for them and if that means moving to Kenya, you would. I haven’t found that person but for today I think it’ll just be me and the city.


7 responses to “The Real Me

  1. yes, i have given it a try, a few times even 🙂 i moved together with my boyfriend a year ago. but it sure is hard if you have to choose between an man and a city (and new york always wins, doesn’t it 😉 )

    nice blog!

  2. haha yes it most certainly does.
    thanks! wanna trade links?


  3. I remember I tried to make a long distance relationship work but of course it didnt. It just takes a lot of commitment i guess.
    Thanks for visiting my blog btw. I’ve added u to my links. Hope you do the same

  4. love your blog too! i added you as a link.

  5. I have tried as well but it never has worked out. I think my favorite thing about having a boyfriend is having someone to hug whenever you need them. With someone so far away as across the country, it seems like a relationship, where the most interaction you can have is to talk, just would not work out for me.

  6. i’ve done the whole long-distance relationship thing, but i think that if you can be apart from someone for an undetermined amount of time, it’s not meant to be. i respect you that much more for realizing that you (and your city) are what’s truly important!

  7. I fell head over heels for a guy while backpacking about a year and a half ago. After 8 magical weeks we swore we’d meet 4 months later in Mexico, and planned our sweet future with marriage/running a hostel in Australia and more. Within 2 months of teary nightly phone calls and heart wrenching e-mails, we had to call it off.
    It’s so hard, even if you feel the love is strong enough, I am not certain there is such a love to withstand substantial time apart…
    Ugh, life sucks. Anyhow, now I’m in love again so all is ok. How about you?

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