I Heart NY

Today, I went to the East Village with two of my best friends, “Miranda” and “Samantha”. Unfortunately my other friend had to go to the ballet with her grandparents. While she was watching arabesques, we were walking around in 97 degree weather. I am already in debt since I bought my apartment so I couldn’t buy anything except for some records at a vintage store called Love Saves the Day. 

We found this one store called Foley + Corinna on 114 Stanton Street. I decided it would be the perfect store to buy a dress for an event since the dresses were gorgeous and unique but a bit over-priced. This other store, Pixie Market, has really cute shirts and was one of favorite finds of the day. Heres one of the shirts that I loved but couldn’t buy because of its price ($161):

Another adorable store was Pinky Otto which was kind of like Olive and Bettes, a expensive yet very chic store. The main difference though was the fact it was more innovative and unique. One store I did buy something at was Cadillac’s Castle, which is a designer resale and vintage clothing.

For any other addresses or the company’s email addresses, comment back and I will try and find them.


3 responses to “I Heart NY

  1. I am going to New York in a few days. Thanks for the run down…I might check out some of those places–especially Cadillac’s Castle!

  2. The address for Cadillac’s Castle is 333 East 9th Street. The email is cadillaccastle@verizon.net and the phone number is 212-475-0406.

    They told me that they get shippings in frequently so tell me what you found later!


  3. I bookmarked your blog, thanks for sharing this very interesting article

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