Change of A Dress

I recently bought an apartment using all of my money – and trust me I don’t have much, which is why I am up to my shoulders in loans. I couldn’t say no to this apartment though. It is on Jane Street which, for those not familiar to New York, is in the West Village. Its a two bedroom apartment and right now I am using the other bedroom for storage of my clothes. But that’s another good thing about this apartment is the storage space. There are four closets in all and I will use two for clothes and two for other household appliances that I need to store away. Here are some pictures of my apartment:


                      This is the kitchen.            

                    This is the living room.

              Another view of the living room.

I still wonder though: is my debt worth this apartment? I mean, I am not exactly in debt but I definitely have some loans to pay off. Another question I still think about is if I was really ready to buy. I’m not even in a relationship but if I suddenly was in one and things were going well, would I need to sell this apartment? 

Any thoughts?


6 responses to “Change of A Dress

  1. wow, that IS a pretty apartment! and it looks huge.

  2. I agree, gorgeous apartment. That kitchen is to die for. Love the red chair that you have in the living room too!

  3. Merci, j’aime ton blog. Pardon mon français parce que je suis américaine mais je sais français. Je ajouterai ton lien dans mon blog.

  4. thanks guys! when i bought it, it was furnished but i added that red chair so im glad you like it!

  5. excellent investment; no matter what happens with your relationships, at least with ownership of real estate you have a good investment (esp. in NYC) and tax write-offs!


  6. haha exactly! love your comments! xoxo – A Vogue Idea

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