Valley of Twenty-Something Guys

What I don’t understand is the fact that there is thousands of single girls in New York and very few men. Now, I am kind of in a few relationships but do not see any of them really going anywhere. I find the younger guys I date, the more I don’t relate to them. I am more of a Johnny Depp girl than a Orlando fan. But who isn’t? The society we live in today accepts marriages with a huge age gap but does that mean it is right? Is it ethical for a man to date a woman who is the same age as his daughter?

I am in my twenties but it seems like every other twenty-something guy I date is still obsessed with two things: tits and beer. The few thirty-something men I have dated though are much more romantic and have better class. They know where to take me for dinner and have manners that twenty-year-old men just do not have yet. 

It’s not like I won’t give men my age a chance because I will but I have given too many of them too many chances. Plus, thirty-something guys are so much sexier than twenty-something men. There is something about their age that makes me appeal to them more. I don’t know what it is. Any thoughts?


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