Models and Mortals

Whether you are a model or a mortal, you can look “effortlessly stunning” by just investing in some adorable new trends. One of my favorite trend is the hippie bag. Of course you can get less-expensive versions, like these two from Urban Outfitters:

Another trend that I absolutely adore is the Men’s watch phenomenon. It is practical yet super chic. I love the way the bulky watches with feminine wrists. My personal favorite watch is the Vacheron Constantin Malte Chronograph Watch found at Tourneau.

The less expensive watches are definitely not as good as the expensive ones and I recommend at least go for the $50-$150 range of watches. These next two are from Urban Outfitters again. The first is a women’s watch and the second watch is men’s.

Last but not least, I love the maxi-dress trend. You can belt it or let it hang. Whatever you do it will look very summer-y and very laid-back (It’s funny how usually the “laid-back” outfits are the ones you try the hardest on.) I have a Calypso floor-length multi-colored skirt that if I wear with a belt looks perfect as a maxi-dress, but this is a dress made from Shop bop – the first two from Rachal Pally. Also the third one is from Banana Republic: 

Hope you agree about these looks that are just to die for!



One response to “Models and Mortals

  1. ooh love the urban outfitters hippie bags you chose! they’re such a great alternative to spending obscene amounts of money on a purse.

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